Side effects of giving steroids (budecort)by inhalation

Wheezing among children is very common nowadays. Medication via inhalation is the best treatnent for this.

Two types of medication is given.

  1. Beta agonist bronchodilator ( asthalin or livolin) .
  2. Corticoid steroids ( budecort) .

The former gives immediate releif and latter prevents wheezing.

Most parents are worried about the side effects of these medicines especially steroids.

When we give the medicines via inhalation, the medicines is delivered directly to lung passages and lungs, where these are needed. Very small amoun ofthese are absorbed in to blood. Thus these medicines do not have any side effects. A number of studies have been done and the results are that steroids even if given for a prolonged time via inhalation, do not cause any side effects.


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