Side effects of giving steroids like budecort via inhalation for a long-time.

Letter from a mother

Dear doctor
I have a boy who is 1 year and 4 months old. He weighs 13.4 kgs and his height is 80cm.He’s an asthematic and have bin on budecort 0.5mg twice daily since he was 6 months old. He breaths heavy and suffers from frequent cold and cough. Also I have bin giving him montair4m since almost 6 months now with a gap of a month in between, as prescribed by his pediatric. There were times when he fell so ill that my pediatric had to put him on oral steroid omnicortal and told me to nebulize him every four hourly with asthalin. However currently he has prescribed my baby asthalin on sos basis.I just had a few questions. Request you to please help.
1) i wanted to know if the prolonged use of these medicines have any side effects or not. As I vaguely got to know from someone that prolonged use of budecort effect a child’s mental health.
2)Also I wanted to know if it is due to budecort that my child weighs what he does because otherwise he doesn’t eat much. Feeding his meals to him is traumatic as he simply doesn’t open his mouth even of I have a gap of 4 hours in between his meals. 3) what king of food should I include in his meals that’ll help him improve his condition.
4) will this state of asthama slowly go away with time and he’ll return to normalcy.
My husband was an athematic too in childhood but no more. Though he’s highly allergic and suffers from a constant cold.


Many children suffer from this problem nowadays. Most of these children do not have this problem after about 4 to 5 years of age.

Lot of research has been done about steroids like budecort given with nebulizer or inhaling via other methods, continuously, for a long time time. There are no certainly does not effect mental health.

Yes your child is overweight. It is not due to medicines, because if it was due to medicine, your child will have increased appetite, but you said that he does not have appetite.

You should feed your child only four times in 24 between he should have two glassses of milk., If he is breast feeding , you should try to stop that now. If he does not want to eat do not force feed him.
He should have well-balanced diet. Do look up my book on childcare at is a chapter on diet for read that. You will get an idea how to feed him.

As I said before most of these children do not have this problem when they grow up

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