Dr. Raj Rani Mitra, M.B.B.S (CAL), D.C.H (LOND), M.R.C.P (U.K.)

Dr Raj Rani Mitra has been a pediatrician for over forty years. She was  a consultant at the Al Abeer Medical Centre at Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, until September 2010. Now she is retired and resides in NewDelhi India. She began her career in UK where she served as a Senior House Officer Paediatrics, Medicine and Rheumatology for 3 years. She was also the Registrar in Paediatrics at Southern General Hospital, Glasgow UK and Bradford General Hospital, Bradford UK. She then moved to India and went on to be associated with prestigious medical organisations like AIIMS, Delhi, Christian Medical College, Ludhiana,Peerless Hospital and B.K.Roy Research Hospital,Kolkata. During her career, Dr Mitra has authored several acclaimed papers and is also the member of the following boards: Royal College of Paediatric and Child Health Indian Academy of Paediatrics, National Neonatology Forum of India and Indian Academy of Paediatrics West Bengal Branch.

Now Dr. Raj Rani Mitra lives in Tarikhet which is near Ranikhet in Uttarakhand (India).

Tarikhet is a village in this beautiful place. Over there she has a charitable clinic for children.

She  is also available on line where free advice is  given without any charge. Her whatsup phone no is 8826183680.


36 Responses to “About”

  1. R Manorama Says:

    I like the blogs of Dr Rajrani Mitra

  2. R Manorama Says:

    Finally I have found a docter whom i was searching for all the queries

  3. Rajani Says:

    Would deeply appreciate your views on the following:

    1. Weaning babies from night time feeding
    2. Getting babies to sleep through the night

  4. Anjali Gupta Says:

    Thank you for writing blogs on common queries. Since the rainy reason is approaching could you share your views on issues such as viral infections, how to build immunity in toddlers, especially nebulisation pros and cons if baby is wheezing. Some doctors prescribe preventive budecort nebulization for a month if baby gets wheezing issues even after the cough/cold has subsided. Is that correct?

  5. P J Says:

    Kindly provide the E-mail ID of Dr Raj Rani ,as I want to send the detail of my 5 years old daughter,having some white spot on top of right eye and below the hair on head ,althrough the hairs are not white. I recently consulted a Dermatologist and adviced to apply the oinment and solution as–some Crolin(.1%) and Melsugt at night for one month at present.
    Please guide.

    • rajrani Says:

      Dear PJ
      As i have mentioned previously it is not possible for me to make a diagnosis without seeing the child however if you send me the photos that may help.

      Since a dermatologist have seen your child, ask him as to what is the diagnosis, and then if you let me know, i can tell the prognosis .

      The most common reason for these white patches are pityriasis alba, which is harmless lesion and will go over time in a few month.These can recur also. especially when a child gets exposed to excessive sunlight. As we all know, that sunlight darkens our skin. In these cases, most of the skin darkens but for some reasons some patches do not darken and they remain lighter colour. Later on when not exposed to sun, surrounding skin also become light colour and thus white patches disappear.

      There are some medicines like hydrocortisone or tacrolimus ointment, which help temporally however excesive usage of these medicines can have long term side effects. As the condition is benign, one should apply only a moisturiser and let the lesions take their natural course.

      • Peush Johri Says:

        Madam – The white spot is still remain at the said portion on right eye. Althrough I am applying the skincare gel-ViTiX(Aqua,Propylene Glycol,Acylates etc.) as prescribed by the Dermalogist from two 3 months .

        – As suggested below, I am attaching the latest snap shot /photo of my daughter for your observation please. – Kindly provide the contract mobile number and address/location in Delhi for my visit , if you fealed so in this respect.

        – P J

      • rajrani Says:

        dear P.J

        I have not received the photo of your daughter that you said that you have attached. you can attach it on my email rjrnmtr@gmail.com. my phone no is 9911101576 and 8826183680. i live in dwarka, delhi. you can contact me when ever you come to delhi. my fees is only rs 200.

      • Peush Johri Says:

        Madam As desired,please find herewith the attachment containing photo.

      • rajrani Says:

        Please let me know as to when was the first time you noticed the white spot and has increased since then or has it remained the same.

  6. arunabaraskar Says:

    Dear Dr Raj Rani Mitra,

    My daughter is 2 years and 5 months old. We think that she is also autistic as she doesn’t wave when we wave at her and doesn’t point at things. Also, she hasn’t started speaking so far. She babbles but doesn’t speak full words or sentences. Does it mean that she would never be able to speak? Or is too early to comment as she is still in developmental stage?

  7. Nitin Morajkar Says:

    Hello Doctor Rajrani,
    After going through your bolgs, I feel your inputs are very informative…

    My 6 year old daughter has developed white small round patch (1 cm, not shiny and sharp)on lateral side of one eye very recently 10-15 days back. in cosultation to doctor , now we are applying moisturising cream.
    Earlier one year back there were small white patches ( 2 to 3)oberverd upper chest area. After consulting Doctor , we had been applied atonide and vitex cream on affected area regularly . Now those patches are become dull but not compltely gone.
    I am more worried beacause why these patches are infecting other area ? I am also afraid of vitiligo.

    Just for your information , My daughetr is is suffering from alllergic cough / Asthma since past 3 years.
    Such kind of white patch infection we never seen in our family ( in previous genreation as well)

    I am sure , you must have gone such cases.Kindly give your valuable inputs to take care of my daughter

  8. Nitin Morajkar Says:

    Hello Doctor Rajrani,
    After going through your bolgs, I feel your inputs are very informative…

    My 6 year old daughter has developed white small round patch (1 cm, not shiny and sharp)on lateral side of one eye very recently 10-15 days back. in cosultation to doctor , now we are applying moisturising cream.
    Earlier one year back there were small white patches ( 2 to 3)oberverd upper chest area. After consulting Doctor , we had been applied atonide and vitex cream on affected area regularly . Now those patches are become dull but not compltely gone.
    I am more worried beacause why these patches are infecting other area ? I am also afraid of vitiligo.

    Just for your information , My daughetr is is suffering from alllergic cough / Asthma since past 3 years.
    Such kind of white patch infection we never seen in our family ( in previous genreation as well)

    I am sure , you must have gone such cases.Kindly give your valuable inputs to take care of my daughter
    If required I can send photo ,pls let me know. Thanks and Regards…

  9. ANnie Says:

    hi dr.
    my son is 7 months old and lately i have noticed some red boils with ‘pus’ inside. he also has some really fine clumps of boils. those are not red but they are spreading. his father has something similar on his hands. i am worried of what it could be. would really appreciate your help.

  10. Brijitha Says:

    My son is 9 months old and we are in Dubai now. We took all the vaccinations till 6th months from India, and next is measles vaccination at 9 months but it is not taken as single measles vaccine in UAE , only MMR vaccine is given at 15th months. What should I do doctor?

    • rajrani Says:

      Dear Brijitha

      Because almost every child is given measles vaccine in developed countries like Dubai, there is no chance of getting measles disease at this young age. So they do not give measles vaccine at 9 months of age but they give it after 1 year of age with MMR vaccine.
      In your case if you have no intention of coming to india within next 6 months, you need not worry about not giving him measles vaccine. However if you do intent to come then you should give him MMR vaccine about 15 days before coming here.

  11. NS Says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I’m so glad I came across your website. Please suggest me how I can increase the nutritional intake for my son.
    My son is 4 years 2 months. He weighs 15 kgs and his height is 106 cms. He has allergic bronchitis and often gets cold and cough. He has also recently been prescribed with glasses (+0.5 and +0.75). We are also concerned about his weight. I’m mentioning below his everyday diet:
    Breakfast (8.30 before going to school)- small fist of muesli 5 almonds, 2 walnuts, 2 dates, half an apple- all made into shake like consistency
    Snacks in school (11 AM)- I try to pack in diff. variety like stuffed parathas, sandwiches or seasonal fruits. Snacks box mostly comes back full.
    Lunch – Rice, dal and veggies/paneer/ Chicken/fish
    Evening- Pediasure
    Dinner- 1 small paratha with veggies/ chicken.
    He has eggs twice a week ( very fussy with eggs)

    Is this diet plan providing him with adequate nutrition or should I cahnge it?If yes, plz suggest. Also do we need to give him multi vitamin syrup?

    Thank you so much for your time and help.

    • rajrani Says:

      Your child according to his height and age, should weigh around 16kg. So he is slightly underwt. If he is a very active child, this much of being underwt does not matter. The diet he is getting is fine except that you should try to give him food which has more calories, for example give him a banana rather than apple.
      Because you are giving him good amount of breakfast, so perhaps that is why he does not take his snack. Give him something which is tasty, like a piece of cake or cookies. Pranthas or sandwhich becomes quite soggy when kept for sometime and does not taste good.
      He should be getting half a glass of fruit juice daily. This way he will get his extra calories and vitamin C.
      You can give him eggs 3 times a week. You can give fried eggs, or omelette, it taste better and also this way he will get more calories.
      With the type of diet he is getting you do not need multivitamin syrup. I hope he goes out in the sun so that he gets vitamin D.
      The fact that he needs glasses has no connection with his diet.
      If you have any more queries, please let me know.

      • NS Says:

        Yes, he does go out in the sun to play. and is a generally active child. Will try to incorporate your suggestions in his diet. Thank You so much for your time and your suggestions.

  12. leena Says:

    hello doc please let me know h=the best diet for asthmatic child my girl is 4 years and has bronchitics since three months allergyt o milk eggs fruits doesnt suit her please suggest how cna i make diet plan for her.

    • rajrani Says:

      Dear Leena

      Although Asthma is due to allergy, but the allergens that cause asthma, are mainly due to what child breaths and not eat. How do you know she is allergy to these very essential foods? Did you do allergy tests for your child?

      My daughter also had asthma. I got the allergy tests done, and she was positive to many food stuffs as well as to house dust mite. I took precautions against house dust mite, but did not restrict her diet at all. I gave her the usual treatment for asthma that is inhaler therapy. She was fine with that. Now she is grownup, 31 years old and has no problem with asthma. Of course she still need to take precautions against house dust mite.

      I have written a chapter on allergy and asthma in my book easybabycare available at easybabycare.net. You will find that helpful.

      Giving a diet without the food stuff that you have mentioned is very difficult. Restricting her food will cause nutrition deficiencies and will naturally lower her immunity.

      do let me know if you have any other queries.

  13. Priya reddy Says:

    Hello Madam,
    Am really really very happy and at peace and feel blessed to have come across your blog accidentally. Seriously, I being an over protective mom for a 3year old has always been disappointed by his frequent bout of cold cough and weezing, which after reading your blog, I no longer want to term as illness.

    We reside in chennai whereas my parents are in Hyderabad. Initially we resided in an industrially polluted area in chennai and my child starting from 7months of age (until then he was in Hyderabad ) has started falling ill every 20days and the doctors at that place by default prescribe antibiotics and nebulization to almost all the kids who come for consultation ( to date am still not sure if they really needed the dose ) am not disrespecting the doctors but from what I saw in that area almost all kids had the same problem and inspite of me leaving to Hyd as soon as he fall sick we still had to administer antibiotics to him for about 7-8times from his 7th month to until he turned 2.3years
    Later i shifted to homeopathy to try my luck and though I dint have to use antibiotics he still got frequent colds every few months and they finally subsided on the onset of summer and we changing our house to a better area for his schooling ( we initially did try to relocate but the doctors resisted it saying any area is equally polluted nowadays )

    And now that he is into school and that it is raining season too he is again down with frequent fever cold and coughs
    Back then though I googled about antibiotics and its overusage I could never object with the doctor cause I feared I might trouble the kiddo more rather than helping him
    This time around I knew it was just seasonal change and when the doctor here suggested antibiotic I asked if we can wait and see before using and luckily it worked and doctor itself was happy that we din start antibiotic
    Now my worry is I have already given him antibiotics a lot of time
    What kind of damage might have incurred because of it to him and what kind of extra precaution or diet change should I follow to erase those past effects

    Am so much disturbed by all these that I even think thrice before giving him the symptomatic relief medicines too and always have a guilt if there is some mistake in me that all these are happening

    The rest of the kids in family (his cousins who stay away ) never had such frequent problems and when everybody in family sympathise my son my guilt increases if he is serious not normal and healthy ani

    My kid is 3years old 3.3inch and 14kgs

    Though fuzzy I somehow distract and feed him food and my only worry is the constant use of symptomatic medicine and the past usage of antibiotics
    What effect do they have on him ?
    Kindly reply

    These questions are all unanswered from almost 2.5years which disturbs me a lot and make me even more over protective of my son

    • rajrani Says:


      I am so glad that you like my blog. I hope you have read the book, easybabycare, that I have written. I want maximum no.of parents to benefit from this site, therefore if possible do send the link to your friends and family.

      We do try to restrict the use of antibiotics for the simple reason, that they do not work in viral infection, so why give some thing that is of no use. One reason it is given in viral infections, is that in severe viral infections the immunity gets reduced so there is chance of secondary bacterial infection. Antibiotics are also used when child suffers from bacterial infection like streptococcal infection, or bacterial pneumonia.At times it is not possible to distinguish between bacterial and viral infection and therefore antibiotics are given.

      Although, your child may not have needed all the medications but whatever was given to him will not do him any harm, so you should stop feeling guilty about this.

      Every child is not same. All the children fall ill repeatedly till they are five years of age,some more than others.

      To increase the immunity, child should get well-balanced diet,(look up the chapter on diet in my book) and rest, especially when he is ill. Do not send child to school when they are ill. Children’s routine should not be disturbed as far as possible.

      The reason,he is so fussy about eating is that he enjoys the attention you give him. It is ok, that is our Indian way of bringing up our children.

      My advice, is stop feeling guilty, and enjoy bringing up your child. Beleive me, this is best part of your life.

      Your child’s weight is normal for his age and weight.


      • Anoop Damodaran Says:

        Dear Dr. Rajrani,

        I accidentally came across your blogs while searching for any interactions of Ascoril LS+ with Cetrizine. The moment I read your blogs, I had a glimmer of hope with regard to my only son.

        Doctor, our sons name is Abhinav and he was born with a fairly healthy birth weight of 3Kgs and he was delivered by C-section with no other complications. His growth curve was ok until 1.5 years where his weight was 8.8 Kg which was still in the borderline. Currently at the age of 4 years and 1 month he weighs just 11.5 Kg and his height is just 92 cm. His growth curve has been our biggest cause for worry since a long time. At one point, we even consulted a Paediatric Endocrinologist about a year ago, who said that at the moment, lets observe him for another six months. The truth is that we didn’t go back after the 6 months or a year now, in the hope that there may be some growth spurt that will happen soon.

        Regarding his food habit, he is extremely fussy about eating and rarely consumes anything on his own. He will simply not consume milk. We somehow have to coax and distract and sometimes force him to drink at least 150ml of milk everyday.

        His cognitive skills are fine and other development milestones are fairly ok. He is also a fairly social and lively child. Our greatest worry and concern has always been about his growth doctor. He is frequently prone to colds and also occasionally has wheezing. One important point observation is that from the early childhood itself, he used to sweat a lot, especially around the head area. If he woke up after a few hours of sleep, there would be a wet patch on the pillow or bed where his head was kept. We had mentioned this several times to his doctor. We were advised to give Calcimax and Uprise D3. But this has not had any significant impact on the sweating. And from childhood, he has largely been on supplements like Multivitamins, Calcium and D3.

        As parents, I don’t know if we are overreacting doctor. But we are almost at our wits end and we are really worried for our child as his growth is currently in the red zone. Please help…

      • rajrani Says:

        Dear Anoop

        Your child’s HT and wt are both below 3rd percentile.
        Can you please tell me as to what your child’s HT and wt was one year ago.
        Secondly can you also tell me as to what is your and your wife,s height.
        Also let me know where you live.
        In the book that I have written and is available at easybabycare.in, read the chapter on diet. It will give you an idea as to what diet your child should be having.

      • Anoop Damodaran Says:

        Dear Doctor,
        I just went through his older prescriptions.
        In Jan 2016, his height was 83.5cm and weight was 9.6Kg.
        In Dec 2016, his height was 87cm and weight was 10.9Kg.
        My height is 164cm and wife is 151cm. We live in Bangalore doctor and although we live in a fairly green locality, pollution and the Bangalore weather has of course had some impact on his recurrent respiratory problems. And yes doctor, I have already downloaded the book and both of us are going through it on priority. Based on the diet chart and info, he comes in the 1000 calories category and we have sort of tried most options doctor, except for the milk part, where instead of the required 2 cups, he is having hardly 100ml per day.
        Till date, we haven’t tried any food supplements or any immunity powders doctor. Should we look at that option doctor? We have tried Aptivate already but without any success.
        Also, the chronic head sweating aspect, should that be a cause of worry doctor?

      • rajrani Says:

        Dear Anoop

        Your child’s wt is normal compared to his height. He is a short child. Height is genetically determined, as both you and your wife are short, he is short.

        When your child grows up he will be as tall as you are, may be a little bit more or less.

        Every child needs normal well balanced diet. If he is getting that giving more is not going to make him taller.

        He should be getting 500 ml of milk. If he doesn’t take that then you can try to give him milk products like yogurt, cheese, paneer, kheer etc.

        If you are a vegetarian, you can give him nutrition supplements, but you are not going to find any dramatic change. It may add one inch or two to his final height when he grows up.

        The fact remains that your child is normal and you should stop worrying about him. Do chart his height and weight on a chart which I am attaching. Do this every six months. There is no need to take weight more often.

        Sweating over head is normal. Colds and coughs 5 to 6 times a year is normal. Pollution produces wheezing and if you can control it with proper medicines it will not effect his growth.

        Do let me know if my advice has helped you. Do let me know after 6 months about his progress.


      • rajrani Says:


  14. Jigisha Raje Says:

    Hello dr,

    I found your website while googling and I cannot appreciate your efforts to help parents like us.I am currently in the process of reading your book.

    I have a huge concren for my second son who is going to be 6 month old in Feb 2017. Since birth he was sneezing ,coughing and had block nose.shown to multiple dr they all said his chest is clear and there is nothing wrong with him clinically.fortunately he gained 7.5 kg in 5 months so feeding was not an issue.

    Recently we showed to one dr when we complained of constatnt nose block and snoring and he said he has sditor lyrangomalcia.

    I am worried for the fact that he repeatedly gets cold .saline drops and steam has became part of his life like feeding and bathing. He has been taking maxtra as directed by drs for his cold and cough.For.his current cold he is taking maxtra and ascoril LS.he responds to medicines and recovers well but for not more than a week.

    Please let me know what can be done to make his situation better.

    Jigisha Raje

  15. Brijitha Says:

    Dear dr. My blood group is B positive and my husband’s group is A positive. Our first child’s blood group is A positive but the next child’ s group is AB positive. Can siblings have different blood groups like this, which is not parent’s group?

    • rajrani Says:

      yes siblings can have different blood groups.\

      Two parents with B blood type can produce a child with either B or O blood type. One parent with A and another with B can produce a child with A, B, AB or O blood types. If one parent has A and another has AB, they can either produce a child with A, B or AB blood types.

  16. Mahendra Says:

    Good evening madam.
    My child is 6 year old. suffering from tonsillitis .due to this he got sick once in a month atleast. Doctor give antibiotics and he get well in 6 to 7days. Madam I want to know these antibiotics is good for health or not some people telling it lower the immunity. Is there any better medicine for tonsillitis. And cough and cold.

    • rajrani Says:

      Tonsillitis,that is infection of tonsils, can be due to virus or bacteria.It is not always possible to distinguish between the two. At times one needs to do throat swab test for diagnosis. If it’s viral, no medicine is required except medicine to reduce fever, however if it is due to bacterial infection antibiotics are must.
      I will advice you to get a throat swab done next time your child gets tonsillitis, and if it grows streptococcal bacteria then give antibiotics, otherwise no need for antibiotics.
      Antibiotics will not harm your child in any way, however it should be given only if it is necessary.if throat swab grows streptococcal, antibiotics are must.

  17. Anoop Damodaran Says:

    Dear Doctor,
    Thank you for the reassurance. It meant a lot to us the moment you said that he is normal.
    We will work on feeding him the alternative milk products to compensate for his lack of milk consumption. And doctor, could you please mail the chart to my email id- anoopdamodaran@gmail.com as the link that you sent “cj41c021.pdf” is not working on the blog page.
    I will positively get back to you within 6 months doctor hopefully with good news on his progress.
    Thank you with a lot of hope and prayer.

    • rajrani Says:

      You can download the chart from growth chart cdc.com. If you can not I will try some other method. Since you like my site can you let your friends know about this.As I am retired, by answering queries, I have something to occupy my time. Thanks

  18. Gopa Chattapadhysy Says:

    Dear Ma’am,
    I am sure this mail finds in best of health.
    Both my sons grew up under your pediatric guidance. We still cherish that.
    We need to consult you on an urgent matter.
    Gopa Chattspadhyay
    Mother of
    Aumurto Chaudhury, Uddeep Chaudhury, Kolkata

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