Frequent fever, colds and cough occurs in all the children till they are 5 years of age. The no of attacks will vary from 4 to 10 a year. The attacks cannot be prevented by budecort, however if with the attacks child has wheezing or prolonged severe cough then budecort or \and monteleukast will help.
Whether you should give budecort continuously or intermittently depends on no of attacks the child gets. If these are almost every month then you can give budecort daily to prevent the wheezing. However if they are less frequent then you can give budecort for about a week, only when your child starts with cold and sneezing.
For how long to give? This is very variable. If you are giving budecort continuously, in that case after about 3 months, if your child has not had any attack of wheezing then you can attempt to stop ; however if he starts wheezing again then you can restart it. Giving budecort for prolonged period has no side effects.


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