Use of budecort inhaler in children

Dear Doctor,
my daughter is two and half year now. She started getting cough and cold frequently when she was 1 year old. doctor gave ger DERIPHYLLIN syrup and she was better after that. but since than her cold , cough , fever become a monthly routine and my paediatrician suggested to test the total IGE serum. it was found elevated around 400 while the normal range was 19. Seeing the report my paedia suggested to keep her on budecort for two years and mont LCZ for three month. I was not in the favour of giving the medicine for so long continuously, so I stopped them in between. but the problem is, she is countinue with her monthly. Should i put her on budecort for two years or not, i am confused.
Dear Kusum
Frequent fever, colds and cough occurs in all the children till they are 5 years of age. The no of attacks will vary from 4 to 10 a year. The attacks cannot be prevented by budecort, however if with the attacks child has wheezing or prolonged severe cough then budecort or \and monteleukast will help.
Whether you should give budecort continuously or intermittently depends on no of attacks the child gets. If these are almost every month then you can give budecort daily to prevent the wheezing. However if they are less frequent then you can give budecort for about a week, only when your child starts with cold and sneezing.
For how long to give? This is very variable. If you are giving budecort continuously, in that case after about 3 months, if your child has not had any attack of wheezing then you can attempt to stop ; however if he starts wheezing again then you can restart it. Giving budecort for prolonged period has no side effects.
As your child’s IGE is very high you should try to find out what he is allergy to and try to take precautions. Usual allergens are housedust mite, Perfumes, Furs, pets etc. Do read the chapter on asthma in my book easybabycare available for free on You will get more information on that.
You can also contact me on my phone +91 9911101576.


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  1. Raj Says:

    Hello Doctor – My son is 2yr old. He gets cold&Cough very frequent(once a month approx). He also gets breathing and wheezing problem along with it. This is happening since 1 yr now. Our pediatrician gives combination of levoline 0.63 / Dualin, sometimes budesal / duolin, sometimes Budecort /levolin. Another issue is after this wheezing problem, boy gets hyperactive ( not sure coz of nebulizer OR Wheezing). It is very difficult time of 2-3 days to handle. Doc has suggested 1 month course of Budecort 0.5 once a day and Montair once a day. Is this allergy ? what could be done to avoid hyperactivity of child ? Does too much of nebulozer could have sideeffect as we are giving from such a age ? Doc says – this problem should go on its own after 5-6 yrs … Are we on right track ?


    • rajrani Says:

      Dear raj

      Before I answer your questions can you please let me know 2 things

      I understand that your son falls ill every month. Do let me know how is he in between attacks. Is he absolute ok or does he have any cough or wheezing, especially after he runs or laughs.

      Where do you live?

  2. Bhaskar Says:

    Hi Doctor
    My son is 1 yr old. Since last 2 months he is suffering from severe cold & cough. It rapidly attains to congestion and sound in breathing. He was hospitalised for a week 10 days back. Doctor has prescribed Budecort 100 for 3 months with Ascoril Plus 100 ml syrup for 7 days. But from yesterday he again has attack of cough. He seems active all the time and all other activity is normal. His stool & urine is normal. Not running nose but hooping seems cough and mucus inside. We live in Kolkata. Plz advise what to do. We are puzzeled.

    • rajrani Says:

      Dear Bhaskar
      Every child after age of 6 months of age gets repeated colds and coughs, accompanied with or without fever. The attacks are usually 6 to 10 in a year. These are usually viral infections, at times bacterial.
      You can attempt to reduce the no of attacks by 1. Giving a well balanced diet 2. By trying to not take your child in crowded places. But in spite of this, your child will suffer from these attacks now and then. These will go on till your child is 5 years of age and thereafter the no. of attacks will be reduced. Most of these attacks are due to virus infection. After each attack, your child will get better in 4 to 5 days, full recovery can take 7 to 10 days. Usually one needs to give only paracetamol for fever. At times one may need a course of antibiotic.
      Some children, about 25percent, get wheezing with these attacks. I presume this is what your child has. When your child has wheezing then he will need budecort inhaler therapy as well as asthalin or other similar medicine inhaler( or asthalin in form of syrup as your doctor prescribed for your child). During an attack you can give inhaler therapy 4 to 6 times a day depending on how severe is wheezing.
      Your doctor has prescribed budecort for 3 months for prevention of wheezing. Remember that this will not prevent cold and coughs. As I said you cannot prevent these.
      Whenever your child gets cold and cough, it should be managed in such a way that your child does not suffer too much and should not need hospitalisation.
      My advice is that for simple colds, use a mild antiallergy like cetrizine, and paracetamol if there is fever. If a child has cough and wheezing then use budecort and asthalin inhalers until child has recovered. This may take 5 to 7 day’s time. Antibiotics should be used after consultations with your doctor. Usually you may need these if child’s fever does not subside or wet cough continues for a long time.
      You can get more information from my book on child care which is available at
      If you have any further enquiry do not hesitate to write to me again.

  3. SEJAL DANI Says:

    but doesn’t these inhalers contain steroids which are unsafe for children

    • rajrani Says:

      There are usually two type of medicine which are given by inhalers, one is bronchodilators and other is corticosteroids,(budecort).
      These steroids when given orally or by injection have lot of side effects for children as well as for adults. However when we give by inhalers, most of the medicine remain in the bronchi and lungs where it is needed and very little goes to the blood and other organs of the body. Repeated studies done all over the world have shown that this small amount of steroids do not do any harm to children or adults.

  4. neelamSharma Says:

    thank you sir for putting light on this (budecort) medicine, as till now I was very much worried to give this to my 6 month old.
    Neelam Sharma

  5. nizar Says:

    mam,my child is having cough since 1 year,dr prescribed to test ada level normal is 40 she is having 42

    • rajrani Says:

      Dear Nizar

      I am sorry I can not give any opinion about your child unless I know more details. how old is your child, what sort of cough she has, is it there all the time, or is she better in between, does she get fever, how is she otherwise, is she active and gaining weight, what other tests were done. was the ada test done on blood or pleural fluid or sputum.

      I would also like to know where do you stay, and is there any history of any contact with a case of tuberculosis.

  6. ekta Says:

    hello doctor
    my son is 7 yrs old. because of his persistent cough since last 1.5 months, Doc has advised budamate 200 to him. is it safe.

  7. Anchal Kumar Says:

    my son is 6 years old.since 2 month he is suffering from cold and cough.then doctor suggest budecort 100 anitd Asthalin sos then it is safe or not safe

  8. akshaya Says:

    my son is suffering from cold caugh wheezing problem from 4 month 3 day back doctor gave budecort 100mcg is it safe for him I am getting so fear from as soon he will become good his age is just10 month he wont get any side affect

  9. Anil Says:

    my son is 4 years old. since 7 month he is suffering from cold and cough & wheezing. then doctor suggest to use seretide evohaler 125 two times a day and singular 4 mg on nights for 3 months. is it safe

    • rajrani Says:

      Dear anil
      yes these are safe, you can use these. At this stage it will be difficult to say for long you may need these. After using these for a month or so if you find your child is ok you can try stopping these however if you find he is getting attacks again you can start again. There are ne side effects even if you have to use these for a long time.

  10. Radhika Says:

    Hi Doctor,
    my kid is 3.4 years old her weight is 15 kgs, from childhood she had cold problem very frequently (once in a month). Earlier it would be for a week after she wil be OK
    At the age of she got fever with cold, then she was hospitalized and treated with antibiotics due to congestion. (Actually because of not proper treatment it was not cured for almost 10 days, then admitted in ‘Rainbow Hospital’ hyderabad she was fine ) we have used montair LC kid for a month and levolin inhaler then she was fine and reduced frquency of getting cough and cold as well.
    After 4 months period again she is getting cold so we approached ENT doctor, she suggested for X-ray to check adenoids. She suggested for adenoid operation.(3+ adenoids, 2+ tonsils)
    We were bit worried about that and approached ENT doctor in Rainbow, doctor suggested ‘Singulair’- 5mg and alaspan for two months then she was very fine after using that (Summer Season), then doctor stopped alaspan and told us to use singulair for 3 more months
    After 1 month, rainy season (AUG 20th) she was suffered with fever along with cold and cough, she didn’t get relieved from cough using sinarest plus, crocin, ascoril LS.
    Then doctor suggested (Spet 4) Flomist spray and montair LC kid for a month, Levolin Inhaler and omnacortil syrup for 3 days. she was fine after that and again she was suffering with cold and cough from 18 th sept

    I am very much worried about medicines what we are using and how will be her immune power after she grows as we are restricting the symptoms every time use of medicines (she is allergic to citrus fruits also)

    • rajrani Says:

      Dear Radhika
      Almost every child since age of 6 months till 5 to 6 years will get cold and coughs repeatedly. Most children will get infections 4 to 5 times in a year, some children will get more. This is normal. These are mainly infections due to viruses, sometimes these can be due to bacteria. Each time a child gets the infection she/he will suffer for 4 to 5 days and after that she will recover as by that time immunity against that particular virus develops. However after some time she gets in contact with another virus and then she gets fever, cold and cough again. This process goes on till she develops immunity against quite a no of viruses, and then after that she will suffer less often.

      Nowadays quite a no of children suffer from allergy also, perhaps due to environment changes or some other reasons. Because of this, with each viral infection. allergy tendency also gets manifested in form of severe dry cough, wheezing and blocked nose. For this we need to use medicines like montair, alaspan, livolin and budecort. These medicine do not suppress the immunity and if needed you will have to use these, because if you do not use them, your child will not be able to breathe properly and neither eat or drink anything, so it is necessary to use these to prevent life threatening situation.

      The fact that your child is allergy to citrus fruits means that she may not be getting vitamin C which is necessary to build up the immunity. So either you give her noncitrus fruit like guava and amla for vitamin c or give her vitamin C in medicine form.

      The medicines that your doctor is giving your child are ok and you should keep on following his instructions.
      Let me know if you have any queries

  11. Jitender Kumar Says:

    Hi Doctor,

    My baby is 3.5 years old her weight is 15 kgs, from childhood she has cold problem very frequently (once in a month).Now doctor gave her Budecort 200mg puff twice a day and Montoer medicine once a day.Doctor said that my baby is suffering from cough asthma and we need to give this to her for regular 3 months. Doctor will check monthly.

    I just wanted to ask if my baby will be fine once she is 6yrs old ans she can take part in school activities ?

    Jitender Kumar

    • rajrani Says:

      Dear Jitender
      Nowadays almost 25% of children suffer from virus induced asthma, what your doctor named as cough asthma.
      With budecort inhaler and montair the frequency of asthma like symptoms will reduce but frequency of virus infections may not reduce. Frequency of these attacks get reduced with time when the child develops immunity against most of the viruses in the environment.(Each time child suffers from viral infection immunity develops against that particular virus, however after sometime another virus attacks him. As there are so many viruses in our atmosphere these keep on attacking, until the child is 6 to 7 years of age). You can help your child to build up the immunity by giving her well balanced diet(look up in my book on website, chapter on diet), and also try to maintain her normal routine, like sleeping time, meal times etc. When your child grows up the frequency of these attacks will become less.
      As far asthma like symptoms are concerned, these also get better in most of the children unless there is a family history of asthma, in that case occasionally these can persist. In that case child may need inhaler therapy for a longer time.
      Your child will certainly be fine and can take part in regular activities even now, with or without medications, depending on her condition. Activities should be stopped only when the child is ill. Once she is better, she should be allowed to resume her activities.

      • Sunita Badhwar Says:

        Hello Doctor
        My baby will be of one year on 20th march 2015. He was born with C-section in 33 weeks of my pregnancy as my water bag bursts, his weight was 2.45 kg at the time of birth. He was kept in IICU for 8 days. The nurses there started feeding him with some powdered milk in nursery. On the third day they asked me to feed him, but he was not able to suck nipples in starting but later got used to of it. But after a month when went to doctor for follow up, he said weight is less, Than i found that the milk production was less, i starting giving him lactodex premature to feed him with bottle.
        When my baby was 2 months old he caught with cold and cough due to which doctor admitted him for 5 days.
        After that he is having frequent cold and cough (especially when some one else had cold cough at home or if taken out from home). When ever visits doctor he advises me to give him levolin nebusilation along with sometimes deriphyllin syrup, syrup kefpod, sometimes nebusilation with Budesal 0.5 mg three to four time a day. He recovers in 4-5 days.
        This time he had cold, cough with wheezing problem and sometimes vomits from 22nd february, doctor advised him syrup omnacortil thrice a day, syrup xyzal at night and nebulisation with levolin 0.63 mg. But it hardly given any relief then on 5th March he changed medicine and prescribed Syrup Augmentin twice a day, deriphyllin syrup three times a day with Xyzal and nebulisation. But until 15 days there was not so much relief. I went to some other doctor, he advised me to give Duolin mixed with budesal alternatively four times a day, syrup augmentin, montair lc at night, deriphyllin syrup and tixylix syrup four time a day.
        He also added that my baby has bronchitis.
        Please suggest:
        Are the above medicines safe for his health?
        Is his lungs are week due to premature delivery?
        I am having bronchial asthma, is it because of that?
        Second doctor gave so many medicines for a day…Is it safe to give him so many medicines in day?
        Should i start giving him septilin syrup and setopiladi for the cough and cold problems?
        Do i have to start the treatment of bronchial asthma?

      • rajrani Says:

        Dear Sunita

        Before I answer your queries can you give me following information

        1.where do you live.
        2. What is the diet of your child. How much milk he takes and what milk. Does he take any fruits.
        3. What is his weight and length.if your doctor took the length on your last visit ,good otherwise You can take length by make him lying on a table, keep his legs straight, keep two heavy books on two sides, headend and feetend.pick him up and then measure the space between the two books.
        4.since you have asthma do you use inhaler therapy.
        5.did you get any investigations done.if not it will be useful to get a CBC done.

  12. Sunita Badhwar Bhakar Says:

    Thank you for your reply ma’am
    1. I am living in Delhi
    2. Now he is on Full cream milk from past one month. We started with Lactodex LBW for two month, than till five and a half month we gave Nan. After Five and a half month started giving him Tonned milk(Mother Dairy), along with kichdi (liquid form) in bottle with carrot added to it sometimes, Sometimes milk with parle g biscuits, and at night roti mixed in grinder with milk.
    From this month onwards (i.e March) start giving him sometimes Apple, Chiku, or Kiwi during day time. From this month i also started giving him chappati with vegetable twice a day. Sometimes kheer, halwa, vegetable porridge or vegatable oats And milk in bottle once in morning and twice at night (while sleeping).
    3. is weight is now 10.30 kg, his doctor took his length but i didnt noticed how much it is.
    4. Initially before 3 year when had first attack of asthma on the day of diwali took nebuliser and than for five to six months took seratide inhaler, with 10mg montair. Bur after that did not take any inhaler on daily basis only when during the season change i felt breathless ness or cough took inhaler. But during the pregnancy and till date only took inhaler once.
    5. Not , did not go for any tests, doctor only suggested me he has bronchitis because of his past history of cough and cold. He got admitted when he was 2 months and six days for five days as he was having cough and cold, and was vomiting the milk after consumption. In hospital doctor gave him nebuliser with anti-biotic and other medicines. Sice than when ever he has cough or cold he suggest me to give nebuliser sometimes, levolin 0.63 mg, sometimes budesal, this time (after i changed doctor, after 15 days of cough and cold , sometimes vomit, when there was no relief) he suggested me to give nebuliser with duolin and budesal alternatively four times a day, along with anti-biotic syrup, tixylixy, deriphyllin. He improved with theses medicines.
    Now doctor suggested me to give Montair LC syrup (5 ml) at night, Septilin syrup twice a day along with becosules syrup.
    Please suggest:
    Are the above medicines safe for his health?
    1. Is his lungs are week due to premature delivery?
    2. I am having bronchial asthma, is it because of that?
    3. Second doctor gave so many medicines for a day…Is it safe to give him so many medicines in day?
    4. Should i start giving him septilin syrup and setopiladi for the cough and cold problems?
    5. Do i have to start the treatment of bronchial asthma?

    • rajrani Says:

      Dear Sunita
      Your baby has two problems
      1.He gets repeated respiratory infections leading to colds and coughs.
      2.He gets prolonged cough with wheezing after each infection.
      Babies do get repeated colds and coughs and this is normal .However some babies get more than others, especially if they have less immunity. Your baby was preterm and also did not get breast milk, so naturally the immunity is less. Now you have to give him proper diet to build up his immunity. If the diet is deficient in vitamins or minerals the immunity suffers.
      According to the diet history that you gave, instead of continue with formulae milk you have shifted to fresh milk. As compared to human milk, cows milk contains no iron, no vitamin C and also It contains saturated fats instead of unsaturated fats. When preparing formulae milk like Nan or lactodex etc. manufactures have modified it to resemble breast milk, so it is better to give this until baby is one year old. Any way now that your baby is one year old, there is no point in changing to formulae milk.
      I suggest that you get a blood test, cbc, done for your baby and if the blood test shows that he is deficient in iron, do give him an iron preparation for 3 months.
      Secondly, among the fruits that you are giving, kiwi contains vit. C , but apple and chiku do not. My advice is that babies should be given 1 or 2 ounces of orange juice to meet their requirement of vitamin C.
      You should also give a multivitamin drops or syrup to your baby regularly. Becosule also can be used. His milk intake should not be more than ½ a litre in 24 hours. If you give him more, he will take less of other food items and thus have iron deficiency.
      Beside trying to build up his immunity by giving proper diet, you should also try not to take him to crowded places where he may catch infections.

      As far his wheezing problem is concerned, this is a form of asthma. As asthma is hereditary, since you have it, this may be the reason he has this problem, but nowadays 25 percent of children have this problem, regardless of the fact that there is family history or not. I would suggest that you give him nebulizer with budesol daily twice a day. With this give him asthalin or livolin when he has wheezing or cough. You can give him these 4 to 6 times a day depending on how much he needs. Once he is better, you can stop asthalin or livolin but continue budesol. Continue latter till he has had no attack for 3 months and then attempt to stop. However if he gets attack again do not hesitate to start it again. Using these continually for a very long time does not do any harm. Most children get better when they are 5 years of age, some earlier.
      You can also give montair. This is antiallergy. In my experience it helps slightly, but not very much.
      Septilin and setopladi are auravedic medicine. Since i am not an auravedic doctor I can not give any opinion about that.
      As far your other queries, your baby’s lungs are not weak as although he was preterm, his weight is normal now, which means that his lungs must have grown normally now.
      Although he received many medicines on one day, these are not in his system anymore and so there will not be any harm ful affect due to these.
      Do let me know if you have any other queries. You can also read my book on child care available online at
      I live in Dwarka, delhi. If it is possible, you can bring him to my clinic. Phone me up before coming. My no. Is 9911101576.

      • sunita badhwar Says:

        Thank you for your reply ma’am. Will definitely read you book online.
        I am giving him Scott’s emulsion with orange flavor, its a multivitamin syrup with cod liver oil (10 ml a day), Ferrikind 1 ml in a day.

  13. rashimi Says:

    Hello Doctor,

    My son is 5 years old, his weight is 17kg. Two years back (Sep2013) he had sever cough, chest congestion & breathlesssness problem. At that time doctor prescribed Asthalin (SOS) & Budecort (twice a day) inhalers and Montair4 tablets. We used the inhalers for two weeks and tablet for around a month. After that he was completely fine until recently June 2015 he started showing the symptoms of cough and breathlessness. This time doctor is asking to take the budecort for longer time. My questions are.
    How long should we take the Budecort inhaler? Is it safe
    How to taper it off?
    Should we also continue Montair tablet?

    • rajrani Says:

      Dear rashmi

      You can give montair tablet and budecort inhaler as long as your doctor advices as these have no side effects. However this treatment is prevention and not cure,your child will probably not have cough and wheezing as long as you are giving these.

      The fact is that your child was well for almost two years and then he had the attack again. Since your child gets attacks quite infrequently, you do not need to give him treatment for more than a month.We give prolonged treatment to those children who get attacks very frequently for example after every two weeks or even more frequently.In other situation we give this treatment whenever the child has an attack.
      Do let me know if you have any more queries.

  14. Aman bhatia Says:

    Hi doc,
    My kid is 10 yr old. He is having viral with high fever with continuous cough. Though his fever is coming down but no improvement in cough. He had similar issue early this year wherein his cough continuous for 10 days. Doctor prescribed budecort 200 and it was settled slowly.
    Shall I give him budecort again for the cough. Is it safe and also most importantly how frequently shall we give budecort, I mean every one hour or so. Pl advice

    • rajrani Says:

      Yes you can use budecort again. Actually you will need to give either livolin or asthalin respules along with this.

      Frequency depends on as to how severe his problem is. For cough giving this for 4 to 6 hourly should suffice, but if he is wheezing you will have to give more often,again this depends on how severe the wheezing is.

      You can give him as long as he needs this. Usually this sort of cough should disappear after 7 to 10 days.

  15. Randip Kumar Saha Says:

    Hi Doctor,

    My girl was 4.5 months old, For last 2.5 weeks she is suffering with cough & cold also her potty colour is green. I had consulted with 2 doctor currently doctor given her OFM (3ml twice a day), Brozeet ls , Feva Go (For fever), Isomil, Esinapi, Flora Zn (half packet in a day),Espumisan baby (when baby cry), Huf puf kit with Budecort 100 & levolin (2 pump). I have not yet started the inhaler. Please suggest what should i need to do now
    At night her cough & cold increase

    • rajrani Says:

      Dear Randip

      Your doctor has prescribed medicines for stomach infection and chest infections, so I presume your baby had these infections.By using these medicines your baby should get better. If her cough does not improve then you can use nebulizers.once a child is ill it takes at least 5 to 6 days, sometimes longer for a baby to get better. There is no point in changing medicines.As long as the baby is feeding well and is active, one does not need to worry about this.However if she is not active and not feeding well then she needs hospitalization.

      Do read when you can,my blog, prevention of gastroenteritis in children and babies, so that you can take precautions so that your baby does not get infection again.

      Do let me know if you have any other queries.

      • Randip Kumar Saha Says:

        This problem continuing for more than 2 week, And yesterday we have tried to give her nebulizers but unable to give as she was got fared. Please suggest

  16. anika Says:

    Hello doctor,
    my baby girl is 4 yrs old. she caught cough with fever in last February. after nasalizing sulbutamol and using antibiotic frequent cough stopped. But she still now give cough 5/6 times per day that sounds like she may have mucus this time doctor given ketotefen for 10 days too.but the cough didn’t cure.then I visited another dr. and he said it is not asthma till now but may turn to asthma and prescribed budecort 2ml inhalant twice daily in divided dose for a month. I am worried about it.he prescribed another steroid tablet too for 1 week.but he didn’t mentioned that budecort have to continue without any break. as child didn’t like to use some gape has been done using budecort and even using about 15 ampule,cough didn’t changed.I visited another dr. he said she has not such wheezing,no need steroid. he prescribed montelucast, ketotefen, levo sulbutamol and azithromycine. here i like to say she has no cough while sleeping and coughs anytime in a day and cough is not frequent in a day.
    previously she has to use sulbutamol during season change but once.then cough came in control with sulbutamol syrup and montelucast. but now she coughs 5/6 times per day for 2.5 months with whoop like mucus. any dr. of them didn’t advised for X-ray or any other test.I asked,but dr. said no need.
    now i am puzzled. should I use budecort or not. what advice should i follow?

    • rajrani Says:

      Dear Anika

      Before I answer your questions can you answer following questions?

      1. When your child coughs, for long does her cough lasts?
      2. What do you do when she coughs
      3. Does she start coughing when she runs around or climb the stairs.
      4. Have you noticed any percepating factor like dust or inhalation of perfume or any particular smell etc.
      5. Is she well otherwise? Is she eating normally and plays around? Has she lost any weight since cough started?
      6. Where do you live?

  17. Sireesha Tulluri Says:

    Hello Doctor,

    My kid is 2 year 7 months old. We live in Bangalore. My kid initially got wheezing when he is 11 months old. Afterwards he is frequently getting wheezing. Inittialy it starts with cold and then he gets wheezing. Doctor has metnioned it is RAD. He was given oral steroids omna cortil forte in last 3 episodes of wheezing. Now Doctor asked me to give budecort 200 puff twice a day for 6 months. I am not sure after 6 months also, whether he will be asked to continue on budecort. I am little concerned whether budecort for so prolonged time will cause any side effects. Please give your suggestion.

    • rajrani Says:

      Dear Sirseesha

      Your child suffers from virus induced wheezing.

      It is better to avoid oral steroids.

      As far as budecort inhalers are concerned? If your child gets wheezing very often then it is advisable to use budecort inhalers daily and along with this livolin inhalers when he has wheezing.It is difficult to say that for how long your child will need these., However usually when these children are 5 to 6 years old they get better.
      Remember these inhalers are not addictive and also they do not have any side effects when continued for a long time.
      Let me know if you have any further queries.

  18. Sharmistha Biswas Says:

    Hello doctor , my daughter is 9 years old . When she was six years old doctor started lasma lc as she had some cold problem . I continued it for almost 1.5 years but seasonally she got cold . when she gets cold she has congestion on chest and never has running nose .Nothing comes out from her nose and starts spasms. Doctor prescribed budicort 100 and livoline inhaler for 4 times a day . Sometimes she needs nebulizer also to get relief . I am continuing this prescription as my doctor is continuing this . In October, 2013 I took her at Chennai applo hospital and tested everything including mantoux test . But everything was normal . Her IgE was 88.6. Dr. Rasharkin Rajagopalan ( paediatrician )and Dr Ramadas ( ENT) both found no asthmatic problem which our state’ s doctor told .She had prescribed Montair 5 mg daily for 5 months , if she has nose block and running nose nose then cetzine 1/2 tables for six days . Mintonia cyrup for 1 month . Now my question is that is my daughter has acute asthma? Is the treatment which is going now is correct ? Will it continue for life long ? She has to take in healer for whole life ? How long should I continue the medicines when she gets cough and cold ? Is there any way to get rid of it ? Please help . I am eagerly waiting for your reply. Thank you.

    • rajrani Says:

      Dear sharmista

      Getting colds and coughs 4 to 5 times in a year is normal in children.these are due to viral infections and has no connection with allergy. Sometimes colds are due to often these occur depends on what is she allergy due to, weather dust allergy or pollen or hay or dog’s hair etc. Usually these are due to what child inhales and not what she eats or drinks.lasma ic is combination of montair and levocetrizine. These are antiallergy medicine.If you think these medicines help your child you can continue as long as necessary.if these do not help no point continuing.

      As you said that the your child gets chest congestion after a cold. Does she have wheezing and/or increased respiration.If she has anything like this, you can call this asthma or virus induced wheezing.Name does not matter but the fact is when ever she has wheezing you have to give her inhalers,livolin and budecort. These inhalers when given continuously for a very long time will not do any harm.however most probably the problem will go away when she grows take precautions to reduce dust inside the house. You will find details in my book easybabycare in the chapter on also helps so if possible do encourage her to do that.

      Do let me know if you have any further enquiries.

  19. ashwini Says:

    Hello doctor my son is 4.5 years.past 2years he is attacking with cough. When I consult doctor he told me that he has bronchitis problem so he suggested me deriphyllin syrup and budesal for is this safe to give. He is occuring frequently once a 1month.can I continue this.wheezing also occurs.

    • rajrani Says:

      Almost more than 25% of children nowadays suffer from similar problem. Most of them get over it when they grow up.

      Yes you can use budecort inhalers as long as needed.deriphyllin also can be used, however asthalin or livolin inhalers will be better.

      You can either use budecort continuously or intermittently. When you find your
      child has started with colds and coughs you can start it. This may prevent wheezing.

      Giving theses medicines via inhalers is safe.

  20. Deepthi Says:

    Hello Doctor ,

    My daughter is 3.4 months old and 14.7 kgs . As many of them have written above my daughter also has multiple episodes of cough , cold , wheezing. She had to be admitted in hospital last year august and this year in July . As soon as there climate shifts from summer she is being effected .

    In summers she is absolutely fine , when ever there is rain or change in temperature i observe that she is getting effected . Not sure if she is having any food allergy ? When ever cough or cold starts 2-3 days prior to that , she has a itching sensation on her hands and legs , post that either it starts with cough or cold .

    Doctor has asked her to give budecort 200 daily twice and montair 4 mg once . When ever she has cold she is been given relent and for cough levolin . Upto how many days can relent syrup be continuously given ? i have been using it since almost 10 days now . daily 2.5 ml morn and night/ At the onset of little cold I am giving it to her .

    Please let me know if what I am doing is wrong . Your advice is much appreciated.

    Also I am not giving her any citrus fruits , doctor has asked her not to give . But I havent never tried at first place if it would have bad effect on her . Is it mandatory that citrus mite cause more irritability in case of asthama patients .

    DOctor has asked not give too much of banana , solid curd , choclates , bakery items and fried fruits . Junk food i dont give her but she a lot of liking for curd and banana , please suggest if i can give it to her . Whole of summer morn and evening i use dto give curd , she would be absolutely fine . At the onset of rainy and winter i donno whats causing her this sesries of episodes .

    Note : My husband family has Asthama . How high are the chances of coming out of this suffering once she grows big .


  21. Dr swapnil Shinde Says:

    Sir my baby boy age 9 months have frequently cold cough and fever..our pediatrician prescribe leololin and budecort inhalation.. And prednisolon syr 2ml thrice a day.. Drop maxtra and for fever drop fevego.. I am worried because he has this problem twice in months.. Pls suggest me complete treatment for cure this problem.

    • rajrani Says:

      Babies do get cold and cough once a month or once in 2 months.with simple cold you do not need to worry, but if this effects chest and they have wheezing then you have give the treatment that you have described.
      If the chest is effected very frequently, then you have to give inhalation of budecort daily for few months. These treatments will not have any bad effects except Prednisolone, which should not be given more than 5 days.

  22. aparna Says:

    My son (now 3.4 years)had ear infection this year Jan . Before tat he is prone to cold and we uaed to give allegra for 3 days; he was fine. From February
    he used to get cold and infection once in a month. In april we went to ENT and she gave refil antibiotic and omni cortol steroid. The ear infection is gone.she suggested to use septilin for 3 months. She also asked us to use allegra and montair to prevent further cold which might lead to ear infection. From July 24 onwards he has been getting coldevery 2 weeks. We ended up giving allegra for 15 days in a month. Our regular pediatrician has asked us to use avamys steroid spray for 3 it safe to use formy son?

    • rajrani Says:

      Yes all these medicines that your doctor prescribed are safe. However they will only help if the reason for repeated co!ds and coughs is allergy. Mostly these colds and coughs are due to repeated viral infections which a toddler gets when he/she starts going to play school.

      To prevent these infections his immunity has to be increased,
      1. Do not send your child to school when he is not well.
      2. Give him well balanced diet.Dolook up the book easybabycare, chapter on diet.the book is available at free.

  23. shilpadevraj Says:

    hi doctor
    my baby is of 2years 10 months he is suffering from cold and cough once or twice in a month he is going to school for play group and I’m taking him to the doctor every time. he give blood test past 5 months and said viral infection so he is suffering from cold cough and fever. atfirst he gave velpro. for fever and curf LG or tusple LS for cough. but also again again he came with fever and cough. when he cough he will not eat and if he eat start vomiting very worstly from bottem of his lungs i feel like crying at tat time seeing my baby. and also he is fully vaccinated by all vaccines and now from 3 months in using budecort and asthalin puff now he is ok but some times repeatly it attacks. even I’m not giving him any chocolates, sweets,oil foods;
    and you know not even milk for my little baby. if any one offer chocolate he will tell no I’m having cough I’ll not eat, i feel like day to do . befor inhalers many antibiotics are tried and then x ray then come to know he has blocked lungs then 5 injections of nemonia and after inhalers. also he had nemmonia vacin also. doctor told to continu inhaler of budecort for still 1 or 2 years is it ok or shall I take some other opinion
    ……pls reply me

    • rajrani Says:

      Dear Shilpa Devraj
      It is normal for a baby to get repeated viral infections , especially when they start going to play school.Some babies get more than others. Each time they get viral infectiin, the fever goes away but cough remains for a long time.
      If the cough is not troublesome one should not give any medicine except honey. However if cough is troublesome and especially if is accompanied with wheezing then one needs to give budecort and asthalin puffs or via inhalers.
      If you think these help then you can continue giving these. However in spite of giving these puffs your child will still get viral infections. These puffs will prevent prolonged cough and wheezing, but not infection.

      I can not understand why you have restricted so many food items like milk, oily foods, chocolates. There is no connection with what your child eats and cough.Cough depends on what is in the air that your child breaths, eg dust, housedustmite, pollens, grasses, perfumes,cat and dog fir.It is very difficult to prevent these.if you have read my book , easybabycare,you will find that suggestion are given in the book.

      It is important to give your child well balanced diet, otherwise he will not have strength to fight infections.
      Chocolates are bad for teeth but do not cause cough.

      By the way where do you live? If you are near Delhi you can come to me for further consultations.

      If you have any further queries, do write again.

  24. Monila Says:

    This site is great and very helpful. my daughter has been suffering from wheezing attacks since last Aug 2016 and has been getting every month episodes. She starts with running nose, cold and at wheezing starts.. we had got her allergy tests done and she is allergic to dust mite and home dust mites. Doctors have given her anti biotics like Fluvir and for cold and cough she has been on Solvin and ambrodils-s. She was given Nukast. We have now been recommended to give her Budecast 200mcg (twice a day) via inhaler and when wheezing occurs Asthalin nabulization 3-4 a day. She is currently 2.3 years, 12.9 kgs. She seems to be fine now and i think the summers should go good. All i want is to prep her well for rains and winters of 2017 which still have time and giving bedecast now for 3 months ie up-till end of April would it have its impact till July ? We stay in Mumbai and we have construction going on all around our vicinity, though we do the dusting and cleaning each day i am not sure how much it really helps.

    • rajrani Says:

      Dear Monila

      Although many children suffer from same problem as your child, but every child responds differently.
      Yes do give her budecast and asthalin as required for 3 months and then if she is ok, stop it.
      Now when rainy season and winter comes she may get attacks or she may not get them. If she gets attacks, you can start treatment again,and she will be fine with treatment.

      I hope you have read my book easybabycare available on site
      Do read chapter on diet and asthma,you will find that useful.

      • Monila Says:

        yes i have…its great…Thanks and appreciate your response. We have started with Budecast today itself and i hope it works out for her 🙂 another doctor examined my daughter today and said we could just give it to her for 6 weeks provided she doesn’t get any attack in between.

  25. Priya Agrawal Says:

    Hello dr.
    My daughter is 4.5 yr.old and she from cold n cough quite frequently during season change especially during March April and congestion gets so tough to induce high respiration.this time she was breathing heavily so doctor advised monitoring in which her oxygen level got down to 88.she was hospitalized and nebulized with oxygen.since her birth she is being essentially nebulized upon getting cold n cough.nw doctor has advised to administer montair daily n budecort nebulizer twice daily for about a month and then to shift to query is that is this treatment necessary for her as I hv heard that this will get over by she reaches 7.a will this treatment not become her habit as an aid to respire.i am in the view of nebulsing her as soon as she shows any kind of cold n cough without any delay and switch to homeopathic treatment to build up her I right in this or should I rely totally on allopathy for treating her.and is nebulsing and inhaler therapy is the only way to get her out of it??


    • rajrani Says:

      Dear Priya
      By reading my blogs and book available at easybabycare, you must have realised that many children suffer from same problem.
      The main reason we give budecort and asthalin is so that child does not suffer from breathlessness, prolonged cough. The child should lead a normal life and be able to go to school regularly.if you can achieve this by giving medicines by nebulizer or by inhaler intermittently, that is fine, but if child does have problems​ with intermittent therapy you can give this continuosly. This therapy is not harmful and is not habit forming.Once child does not get attacks any more you can discontinue.
      As far as homoeopathic medicine is concerned, I do not believe that it is effective. But however if you believe, that it works, you can continue with that.
      Actually according to allopathy, medicines do not help in building up immunity.Proper well balanced diet and proper sleep habits are essential for immunity.
      The reason that children get wheezing is not due to lack of immunity but due to allergy and atmospheric pollution.

  26. Pooja Arora Says:

    Hello Doctor,

    Myself Pooja, My Son is 3 year old, By the age of 2 he continuously use to suffer with cold and cough problems. Atleast once in a month for sure. Usually my Pediatrician does not recommend Antibiotics easily but yes in every attack we have to give him the Nebulization with levolin and Budecort.

    Last month his wheezing suddenly get increased and he gets hospitalized and IGE test comes in a range of 484, and the Hospitals doctors suggested us to give Budecort 200 MCG inhalor for a year and since 1 month we are giving too with montair LC tablet of 4 MG. but yesterday i visited to my Pediatrician she strickly ask me to stop this Budecort inhalor as she is not in a favour of it . I am still confused what should i do…..should i continue with inhaor or should i stop?

    Please suggest me…

    • rajrani Says:

      Dear Pooja,
      Your son suffers from allergies, and because of that he gets wheezing attacks again and again. His IGE test is also abnormal.
      It is essential that these attacks need to be controlled, if not controlled he will be ill all the time, not able to attend school regularly, may need to be admitted in hospital again and again.
      By giving budecort inhaler regularly and montair, hopefully, you will be able to control these attacks.
      Budecort is corticosteroid, and for this reason,some people are reluctant to use this. However as this is given as inhalers,this does no harm.Control studies done in many countries have shown no side effects due to giving these regularly even for 20 years.
      So in my opinion, do continue using budecort at least for six months iniatally, and longer if needed. It is likely that later on you will be able to discontinue it.
      Do look up the book easybabycare​ available at read chapter on asthma​ and allergies prevention.
      If you have any further queries do not hesitate to ask me.

  27. Preeti Says:

    Dear Doctor
    My daughter is 12 years old. She is suffering from cold and cough. Should I give her budecort or levolin?

    • rajrani Says:

      Dear Priti

      Repeated colds and coughs are usually viral or sometimes bacterial infections. Budecort or livolin are needed if child has wheezing with these infections. These two medicines will neither cure nor prevent colds and coughs.
      All the children suffer from repeated colds and coughs.Some more others less.
      There are few precautions you can take to try to reduce the no of these attacks.
      1. See that you child gets well balanced diet, including fruits containing vitamin C.
      2. Child should get plenty of rest.
      3. Child also should get enough exercise.
      4. As far as possible, avoid coming in contact with someone who has colds and coughs.
      Do look up the book easybabycare available at and read the chapter on will get an idea as to what sort of diet should be given to child.
      Let me know if you have any further queries.

  28. dheeraj Says:

    Dear Doctor, My daughter is 5.5 years old. Recently we gave her Cup Cake and Ice-cream and next morning she started coughing. Should we give her levolin or trat her with Honey and warm water only. She has dry cough with no wheezing. She has to been to crowd two days consecutively where she had this cup cake so not sure if it was cup cake or crowd.

    • rajrani Says:

      Most probably the crowd and dust which is responsible for the cough.
      You can try honey and warm water. If cough subsides with that you will not need to give livolin,if cough persists do give her livolin as well as budecort if needed as inhalation therapy.

      • dheeraj Says:

        i gave her warm water many times through out the day. Sometimes with honey, sometimes i gave her tulsi green tea with ginger. Its definitely better. Today is second day. She coughs one or two times every 2 to 3rd hour. its still dry. So shoould i hold both levolin and budecort? I was under impression that levolin and budecort is only when cough is wet and there is wheezing and there is none with my child

      • rajrani Says:

        You need to give livolin and budecort if there is wheezing or if the dry cough is very severe, that is all the time and nonstop. I hope my answer has helped you. If you want to ask more questions kindly send me fees of 300 rs by Paytm on no. 9911101576. This helps me to maintain this site.

  29. Saphalya Says:

    My son (2 years, 2 months) was perfectly fine for the 1st six months after birth (i was in Mumbai after delivery). I moved to Bangalore (that is where we lived then) when he turned six months. From then on he started getting cold and cough frequently. He had mild wheezing when he was 9 months, but Salbutamol syrup worked. It recurred even later and he was finally diagnosed with Paediatric Asthma in Dec 2016 (he was 1 yr 1 month then).Severe wheezing, fever, cold, cough. Also, had history of atopy (rashes, itching, multiple boils from mosquito bite, dry skin etc since his 7th or 8th month)He was put on Asthalin puff (4 puffs starting every 20 mins to slowly tapered to every 6 hrs over 6 days).Also then started on Budecort 100 one puff twice daily from Jan 1 2017. Until May 2017, continued to have asthma attacks regularly every third week. With fever, cold, cough in winter and with only fever in spring and summer. Asthalin (dose as mentioned above) was given every third week & Budecort was ongoing since Jan 2017. Since no improvement, we relocated to Mumbai in June 2017. From June 2017 until now, he is still on Budecort same dose. He still has wheezing (with fever, cold, cough) albeit lesser severity of wheezing and lesser frequency. Asthalin is used only SOS 1, 2 or 3 puffs maximum based on severity. But he also gets cold, cough very frequently even now. And a paeditrician here has also confirmed him to have allergic rhinitis. Per a recent tests: Mild eosinophilia, ESR 10, Vit D 15, 2D Echo Normal and IgE 884. Child weighs 10.8 kg and looks small for his age. Very lean. Two weeks back he also developed stomach pain which was confirmed as Intussusception (on USG, 2.4 cm diameter mass). But the mass unlooped itself on its own after admission (confirmed with 2 repeat USGs) and was sent home without any procedure after overnight observation.He was on Taxim-O and Rinitol after discharge for 7 days, but developed viral with cough cold, fever, even into the fifth day of antibiotic (on 12-Feb-2018). Fever ahs stopped only now. But he has ha history of similar abdominal pains + nausea &/or vomiting + disturbed sleep with no fever/loose stools) even earlier in Jan, He had a repeat attack yesterday night that resolved on its own again.
    My questions:
    1) He has no been asked to start on Duonase nasal spray (i spray each nostril twice daily for 1 month) and Ambrolite-S thrice daily for 7 days. Budecort to continue until re-evaluated after a month. Montair LC-kid once daily for 3 months. Vit-D (i scahet/week, 60k, for 8 weeks) and Gemcal (5 m daily twice for 3 months) to start after 2 weeks. The leaflet of Duonase-S states it is suitable only for children above 12 years. Will it be safe to give it for a month for a 2 year old?
    2) He has been showing symptoms of indigestion/flatulence over the last one year, He has always had bloated stomach and remained skinny ever since Asthma started..Also, very irritable frequently. Aggressive at times. Since he does not speak clearly yet, we assume most times it must be due to gastric discomfort or wheezing. Is our diagnosis and treatment in the right path? I feel like a major intussusception lurking inside him. Is there anything else for his gastric health that we should look out for or may be need more diagnosis?
    3) Is it safe to give Budecort for more than 1 year now? Is itching a common side-effect of Budecort. Last 10 days, I have not given him Budecort and the itching seems to have disappeared miraculously!
    4) He seems to have absolutely no immunity. What should be done about it. Will too many medicines for Asthma, gastirc disturbance, immunity, wit D/Ca etc lead to other side-effects and compromise his health in later years of his life?

    Kindly guide, doctor.

    • rajrani Says:

      Dear Saphalay
      Asthma and allergy rhinitis is very common among children nowadays. With the medication that you are using for your son, most children lead a normal life. They are fine in between the attacks.
      Your child it seems has other issues, like abdominal pain, blotting of abdomen and intussusception. I think we need to consider other diagnosis, e.g cystic fibrosis and also immunlogical deficiencies.

      Cystic fibrosis is common among Caucasians, although less common among Indians but it does occur. You can diagnose this with a test called sweat test. Ordinary labs do not do this. It is usually done in medical colleges or may be done in some private hospitals. Some tests for immunological deficiencies are done in ordinary labs however detail are done only in research labs. If possible, do contact pediatrician in a medical college.
      If you can get these tests done and you find that your son does not have any of these diseases, then you can stop worrying. The medications that are being giving to him will not harm him. Once he grows up he will need less of these and he will not suffer so much. These medications do not have any long term side effects.

      Do let me know the results of the tests of the tests that I have mentioned, when it is done.

      • Saphalya Says:

        Dear doctor, Many many thanks for this guidance. Yesterday, we were advised to perform allergy test full panel (maximum allergen panel). and test for Celiac Disease. I will also try to locate places nearby where I stay where I can get the tests done for CF and immunological deficiencies. And surely, I will revert to you with the results.


    my son is 3 months old. he is suffering from cough & fever. For fever we are giving him crocin. Is it safe to give budacort to him through inhaler

    • rajrani Says:

      Yes you can give budecort by inhaler, but since he is only 3months old you need to see a pediatrician, cos he may need investigation and antibiotics.

  31. ujjwal kumar das Says:

    Hello Doctor,

    My daughter is 3 yrs old and her weight is around 12 kgs. Since we moved in Bangalore 2 years back, she is continuously suffering from cough & cold. Sometime she used to have wheezing but I never felt she is prone to have asthma. We have consulted several doctors and most of them predicted that frequent infection is happening due to allergy. They had given Montelukust and Duolin for nebulization. But one of my fiend is a doctor and he suggested me to start Budecort with Levolin twice daily and continue it for at least a month. We are little anxious because no other pediatrician had suggested the same till date. Can we really use these medicines for nebulization safely with out having any side effects ?


    • rajrani Says:

      Dear Ujjwal
      I hope you have read Asthma chapter and precautions to be taken to prevent allergy, in my book easybabycare available at my site

      There is no harm in giving Budecort and livolin continuously. However like any medicine you should give these only if necessary.
      Can you tell me
      1.How often does your child gets attacks.
      2. Does the attacks starts with fever.
      3.Are there any triggering factors that you have noticed.
      4.Is she normal in between the attacks.
      5. Is there any family history of asthma.
      6. Have you got any investigations done.
      After your answers I will guide you further.

      • ujjwal kumar das Says:

        Dear Madam,

        Can you please post the url where you mentioned about prevention of allergy. That must be very helpful. Regarding the questions you asked, please find the below answers.
        1. On an average, she used to get mild cough and cold once a month where as during peak Summer (April-June), she was comparatively fine. But once she started going to school from last June, getting cough and cold is a daily routine. She had a prolonged but intermittent could & cold (no fever) for almost 2 months and next couple of months, she was okay. Again it started since last couple of weeks.
        2. Sometimes fever used to develop. But most of the time, it’s just cold with runny nose, sneezing and heavy cough with chest congestion.
        3. Not really. But exposure to outside climate & school environment might lead to this.
        4. Yes
        5.My wife is having some issues with Asthma. But it’s not chronic. It occurs very rarely when she becomes overly anxious.
        6.Pediatrician doesn’t suggest anything so far. But recently he asked to do an IGG test for her, which is yet to be done.

        Please let me know if you need further info. Looking forward to your guidance.


  32. rajrani Says:

    Dear Ujjal
    As I mentioned the book that I have written on childcare is available on the site There is a chapter on Asthma and prevention of allergy. You may find other chapters useful especially Diet for children.
    Most children have and probably your child has infection induced wheezing.(These children have allergy tendency)
    Toddlers , when they start going to school, get viral infection from each other and normally every child gets 5 to 10 infections in one year.This is normal and you can not prevent.
    Some children get over infection in 4 to 5 days and are well after that.
    Other children, like your child, get over infection but after that they have cough and wheezing and this may continue for almost 10 to 15 days.
    My advice is
    1. When child gets cold, start antiallergy like cetrizine or + monteleucast. Give paracetamol for fever. If fever last for more than 72 hours, you may have to contact your doctor and give antibiotics.
    2. If child keeps on coughing,or has wheezing then start on nebulizer with livolin 4 times a day and budecort 2 times a day .Keep on giving as long as your child has cough. Once your child doesn’t have cough anymore give it for 2 to 3 days more and then stop it. If she has cough again you can restart it.
    Some children may need this for 4 to 5 days some longer.
    3. Most children do get better once they are 5 to 6 years of age, and do not get infection so often.

    As far investigation is concerned, CBC should be done once.
    Igg will tell whether she has allergy tendency.Treatment will be same whether test is possitive or negative.
    Do let me know if you found my site useful, if you do please recommend to other parents.
    Also if you have any suggestions do let me know.

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