Potty training

Dear Dr Raj Rani

I would like to discuss about my son Juzer who is now 3.3 Yrs.
His activities are all normal but we are not able to train him for potty as he still does in diaper.
We have tried a lot but couldn’t overcome this habit.
We know its not a medical problem but still if you can suggest or advise.
He has started going to school but holds his potty till he’s back home and gets the diaper.

Plz help us
Thanking You
Taiyab Ali Saifee

I can understand your problem and not an easy one to solve. Actually he has got conditioned to doing potty in diaper. Perhaps you can initially try to put on the diaper and then make him sit on the potty with the diaper. Later on now and then try to remove the diaper. You must reward him with something he likes very much like a toffee or what other thing that he is very fond of, when ever he does while sitting on the potty with or without diaper. Rewards and praises are best way to discipline a child. You must never scold him for this.

Let me know if this helps
Dr Raj Rani
Respected Mam,
Hope this mail finds you in good health and cheers!!!
I am extremely happy and delighted to inform you that my son is finally potty trained. We initially made him sit on the ground without diaper and gradually on potty seat.
Thanking You
Taiyab Ali Saifee

2 Responses to “Potty training”

  1. debes roy Says:

    my daughter is 8 months. she is suffering from pertussoid cough(as said by doctor) in 3 weeks. doctor pescribed duolin & budecord 100 inhealer & cetrizen syrup . but she’s improvement very slow. please say how to relief from this situation?

    • rajrani Says:

      Dear Debes Roy
      Pertussis ( whooping cough) is a bacterial disease caused by bordetella pertussis. It was very common in pre vaccine era , fortunately with vaccines it has become less common.
      The disease last for a long time almost 3 months. The cough is dry hacking cough. Child keeps on coughing for a prolonged period and then it ends with a whoop. Patient is greatly distressed and the cough can cause various complications.
      Diagnosis is suspected when blood count shows lymphocytosis. It is confirmed by culture of swab taken from the space between back of nose and throat.
      Usually antibiotics are given to eradicate the bacteria, however in spite of that the cough continues for a very long time. Nebulizers with a steroid like budecort and beta agonist like livolin are given, plus cough sedatives are given to make the child comfortable.
      In your child’s case how did your doctor make the diagnosis? Surely you must have given routine vaccines to your child, and pertussis after vaccination is very uncommon.
      It is also possible that your child had a viral infection, and prolonged cough could be due to that.
      If nebulizers is helping you should continue with that. There are no side effects with this. You can give 4 times a day.Usually we do not give cough sedatives to babies.
      Please let me know if your doctor asked for any investigations to find out the cause of this prolonged cough? Is there is any history of allergy in your family?

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