Ice cream/fever/cold and cough

Many parents when they bring their child for consultation tell me, my child ate ice cream 2 days ago and now he has cold, cough and fever. Usually I tell the parents that the ice cream is not the cause but these infections are due to viruses or bacteria, but many parents are not convinced that this is not due to ice cream.
There is no scientific evidence that ice cream and cold drinks cause fever or cold. In fact many people recommend taking ice cream when one has sore throat to ease the pain. Of course one problem about ice creams and cold drinks is that as these items are calorie rich and thus can be the cause of too much weight gain.

So whether you should allow your child to eat ice cream or not is your decision. Not giving him ice cream will not do any harm except the fact you are not giving what he loves to eat.
Dr Raj Rani Mitra

11 Responses to “Ice cream/fever/cold and cough”

  1. venkatesh Says:

    my 10 yrs old son ate icecream 2 day before.after that hhe suffering from cold @ fever.plz refer me what medicines to give him.

    • rajrani Says:

      As I had mentioned in my blog, the fact that your child got cold after eating ice cream is a just a coincidence. Cold and coughs are caused usually by virus infection. These can also be due to allergy but allergy is not associated with fever. Viruses are passed from person to person so it is likely that he got the virus from a friend or from someone in the family who might be suffering from cold.
      There is no medicine for common cold virus. This will take its own time to get better usually 3 to 4 days at times 7 to 10 days. However you can give medicines to make child comfort.
      1. Paracetamol (crocin or calpol dose of 15mg\kg every 6hrly) this will reduce the fever and the headache one gets with cold.
      2. Anti allergy medicine like cetrine (5mg – 10mg depending on the wt of child once a day) to reduce the running nose.
      3. Nasoclear nasal drops to clear the nose or if the nasal block is very troublesome then otrivin drops can be used.
      However if the child’s fever is high or he has severe pain in the throat or ears he might need an antibiotic. In that case you should take him to a doctor for consultation.
      Dr Raj Rani Mitra

      • Harriet Says:

        None sense! Western medicine is still backward and doesn’t have the answer to everything. In chinese medicine it is an established fact that cold beverages/foods are often a cause of illness. I knw 4 a fact ice cream CAN and DOES cause sore throat/fever/cough no doubt whatsoever! Because everytime my kids have ice cream (in big quantity) they fall ill a couple days after with sore throat, fever and cough. So each time it’s a coincidence? No way!

      • rajrani Says:

        Dear Harriet, 

        What I write in my blogs is scientifically proved. Any way every one has a right to her/his own opinion ,so do you.

        Ice cream, when taken in large quantity will increase blood sugar level as it has very high sugar content. Beside that when children eat large quantity of ice-cream, they will fill their stomach with it and thus not eat other food stuff, so it is likely that they will miss on essential nutrients especially vitamin C. Because of this, their immunity will decrease and they can catch infection. So this may be the reason that your children get colds and coughs when ever they eat ice cream.

        If you can avoid giving ice-cream to your children and give healthier foods like vegetables and fruits, that will be certainly better for your children’s health.

        Harriet, you have something against the Weston medicine, but what you called Weston is not Weston anymore , it is modern medicine ,as scientist from all the countries, like India, china, Japan, middle east countries have contributed extensively in its advancements. I have great respect in old Chinese and Indian medicine, but just like modern scientist , every thing opined by those scientist was not true. Now some aspects have been scientifically proved and I certainly believe in those. No doubt there is a need for more research.


  2. venkatesh Says:

    my 10 yrs old son suffers from fitts last 5 yrs.specialist dr suggest oxetol300.bicobal.last 2.1/2 yrs yrs he is under this he is normal.wheather v continue this medicenes.if yes,how much yrs v cotinue.

    • rajrani Says:

      Dear Venkatesh
      Thank you for your question. Oxetol is the medicine for fits. Bicobal is a vitamin preparation.
      Usual rule about stopping the medicine for fits depends whether the child is in low risk group or high risk group. If your child is mentally normal, has no other disability and his fits were controlled easily with anticonvulsant drug then if he has had no fits for 2 years then his medicine can be stopped but gradually. That means that you should reduce the dose after every 2 to3 weeks and should take about 3 to 6 months to stop it. There is 25 percent chance that fits may recur, in that case you need to start medicine again.
      However if the child falls in high risk group that is if he has any disability or it took a long time to control the fits , in that case you should consult a neurologist before deciding to stop the medicines.
      Dr Raj Rani Mitra

  3. tafara Says:

    This icecream thing is very confusing. My daughter coughs every monin during or after a bath. I hve assumed she could hve inherited bad genes from me coz I hve hay fever. Confusing now is the fact tht she have tonsilitis more frequently pliz help

    • rajrani Says:

      Dear Tafara
      Most parents like you are confused about this issue. I will endeavour to answer your queries and if you have any other concerns, do write to me again.
      Your no 1 querie is about coughing after she takes bath.
      The cause will depend on the type of cough she has. If she coughs for a very short time after bath and if it is a dry cough, it may be due to irritation of throat. At times cough is an attention seeking device. Children like it when everyone gets concerned about their cough.
      Since you have hay fever and as hay fever is due to allergy, your child can inherit this, but allergy cough is not only after bath but at other times also, for example after exercise, or when she is exposed to triggers like dust, perfumes, cold air, dog’s or cat’s furs etc. Quite often it is associated with wheezing, if that is so you may find the chapter on Asthma in my book, useful.
      Your number 2 query is about tonsillitis.
      Tonsillitis is due to infection of the tonsillar glands that are suited on both sides of the throat, at the back of tongue. These glands are like guards, they catch the germs that pass through this passage, and try to kill them. In the interim the tonsils get enlarged and inflamed. Because of the infection the, child gets fever, sore throat, headache and loss of appetite.
      As children, have not yet developed immunity against most of the germs in the atmosphere, they catch infection easily from other infected persons, with whom they are in close contacts. The germs are passed from person to person via droplets, which are dispersed in the atmosphere when an infected person coughs or speaks. These infections are not from food or water. So obviously tonsillitis has no connection with eating icecream or any other cold drinks.
      Most children between ages of 5 to 15 years of age get tonsillitis about 4 to 5 times in a year, although some children may get less often. Quite often these are viral infection but at times these are due to bacteria especially streptococcal Group A β-hemolytic. This is what is known as strept throat. This can be diagnosed by doing a culture of throat swab. If the culture is positive (the result will be available after 48 to 72 hours) antibiotic should be given,(usually amoxylin) to the child for 10 days. Prolonged antibiotics is given to prevent recurrence and complications especially rheumatic fever. When children grow up they get infected less often.

  4. Jas Says:

    Thank you for your valuable article, my husband is always regret to gives ice cream 🍨 to our baby.Now I’m confident.

    • rajrani Says:

      I am glad you found my article useful. Have you read my book on childcare available for free at

      If you like the book please do recommend to your friends over the Facebook or Twitter etc.


  5. Eddy Cardell Says:

    Hi you have a very easy to follow site It was very easy to post it’s nice

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