Repeated colds and coughs

Question from a mother

My son (now 3.4 years)had ear infection this year Jan . Before tat he is prone to cold and we uaed to give allegra for 3 days; he was fine. From February

he used to get cold and infection once in a month. In april we went to ENT and she gave refil antibiotic and omni cortol steroid. The ear infection is gone.she suggested to use septilin for 3 months. She also asked us to use allegra and montair to prevent further cold which might lead to ear infection. From July 24 onwards he has been getting coldevery 2 weeks. We ended up giving allegra for 15 days in a month. Our regular pediatrician has asked us to use avamys steroid spray for 3 it safe to use formy son

In reply to motherYes all these medicines that your doctor prescribed are safe. However they will only help if the reason for repeated colds and coughs is allergy. Mostly these colds and coughs are due to repeated viral infections which a toddler gets when he/she starts going to play school.

To prevent these infections his immunity has to be increased,
1. Do not send your child to school when he is not well.
2. Give him well balanced diet.Dolook up the book easybabycare, chapter on diet.the book is available at free.

2 Responses to “Repeated colds and coughs”

  1. Sharik Says:

    Hi my baby is 6 month old she got cold,caught and fever,after using Ascoril,mantra,Colpal she is ok,again after 2days she got fever and her voice was blocked due to coughf so we went doctor he gave levolin respules 0.63mg for 18 days and budecort repulse 0.5mg for 2months.can u plz say me whether these medicines can be used or not and any side affects and how they work and I want to know why only these medicines are used is their any other solution to get rid of these medicines and by using these medicines will be addicted to the baby’s boby and how long these medicines will be continued plz give me reply.

    One more question my son he is 6years old he got allergy in lugs so got gave same medicines as inform of inhalers and montair LCD kid n budecort for 2months means till the season changes.but by using these medicines he is doing ok sometimes and after few days the same thing is repiting in his case can u say any other solution to this problem

    • rajrani Says:

      Dear Sharik

      Your children suffer from wheezing brochitis\ mild asthma\ allergy.
      Beleive me, that we are fortunate that we can give medicines via inhalation instead of orally or by injections.
      Children used to suffer from these diseases previously also. When l was an intern in 1967, we used to admit many babies in hospital for giving theses same medicines by Intravenous drip.Giving these medicines by injections or orally have many side effects, so we used to give these only for 5 to 6 days, After that they would be better but not normal. The result is they could not play or lead a normal life.
      Now days more children suffer from these diseases, but as I said, some children previously also used to suffer.
      Giving budecort (steroids) and livolin(anti spasm), by inhalation is the best way of giving these medicines.The medicines go directly to lungs where they are needed. If you give them orally they go to stomach, then to blood and then to all the organs in the body and then to lungs, that is why they have so many side effects.
      By giving them as inhalers these have no side effects as the medicines go to lungs and no where else.This therapy is not habit forming. Your children will need them as long as they suffer from these problems. Once they are better they will not need them.
      You will find more information about this in my book in chapter Asthma,at
      Do write to me if you have any further queries.

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