Prevention of influenza in school going children

It has been proved by several studies that frequent hand washing,(at  least 5 times a day) use of sanitizer, especially after touching contaminated surfaces does prevent influenza in children. Beside this, it is also advisable to immunise your children with influenza vaccine before the influenza season, that is just before winter.

Raj rani

6 Responses to “Prevention of influenza in school going children”

  1. brijitha Says:

    Dear doctor
    Now iam little bit worried doctor. My son is 2 yr and 3 months old. I noticed 3 small bumps in his penus 4 days before. I tried to retract the skin to see what it is but i cant see. We can see it only when he is about to urinate. Today also i tried to see it by retracting the foreskin and now i found redness and sores in the foreskin. Most of the time he use pampers. Doctor iam worried. Is there anything to be worried too much? Waiting for your kind reply doctor. Thankyou

    • rajrani Says:

      Usually such small bumps are normal and there is nothing to worry about. However if there is redness or soreness, it means that there is slight infection. You can apply some antiseptic ointment like bactroban 3 to 4 times a day. And do not apply force to retract the foreskin. If it is not easily retractable, then do not retract it.

  2. Richelle joseph Says:

    Dear Doctor,

    Is it advisable to vaccinate my son ( 2 yrs and 3 months old) with Flu vaccine.As he is suffering from asthama from the age of 1 .He has been admitted nearly 7 times in the hospital.Currently he is treated with beudecort whenever he catches a cold or cough…And given sereflo inhaler during SOS. Please let me also know whether Tuloplast patch is effective….

    • rajrani Says:

      Yes you can give flu vaccine to your child, however it is advisable to give flu vaccine just before flu season which is September.

      As your child has been admitted in hospital so often, I think you should give him budecort inhalation 2 times a day on regular basis at least for 6 months and livolin or asthalin as required. As far Tuloplast is concerned experience with this in children is limited as it is a new product.

      Do look my website you may find the chapter on asthma in the book easybabycare useful.


      • Richelle joseph Says:

        Thanks you Doctor for your advise…I have read thru your book..its very informative…please suggest which flu vaccine is good for 2 year old child…The problem is that mostly my son gets admitted because we are not aware how to manage in case of SOS… I usually try with one puff of Sereflo 50 mcg or ASthalin 100 mcg…if it doesn’t settle then we rush to the hospital…

  3. rajrani Says:

    You can use fluvac or vaxigrip IM which ever your Pediatrician prefers.

    In case of emergency you should use asthalin and not seroflo.give 2 to 4 puffs or with a nebulizer after every 5 to 10 minutes three times.even then if the child does not improve then you should go to hospital. I have mentioned this ” action plan” in my book.
    I am glad to hear that you have read my book. Perhaps you can recommend to your friends also so more mothers benefit from this.


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