Risk of using mobile phones

During the last decade, use of mobile phones has become such a common thing that one cannot imagine life without this. However question always remains that does long term use of this is harmful in any way, especially for children.

Several studies have shown that long term use of cordless and mobile phones triples the risk of glioma, one of the most common brain tumours. Risk is more for those who use mobile phones for more than 25 years and also for those who have started using these before age of 20 years.

So should we give the mobiles phones to children or not? Mobile phones can save lives as one can contact help immediately whenever one needs. Parents can contact their children when they go out with their friends or are late in coming back from school due to traffic jams or some other activities. In such circumstances, It is such a relief to know that one’s child is safe.

However we need to take precautions such as asking our children to use hands-free phones with the loudspeaker features and text messaging instead of phoning.




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