vaccination schedule in india


Almost all the parents realize the importance of vaccinations. This is the only way we can prevent so many life threatening diseases.

In India , although Govt. of India has a vaccination program, where vaccinations are given free of cost, unfortunately all the available vaccinations are not given because of financial constraints. This leaves so many children vulnerable to many serious diseases.

In India, at present 2 types of vaccination schedule are followed.

Table 1! This is recommended by Govt. of India and is followed in government hospitals and dispensaries.

Table 2! This is recommended by Indian Academy of Pediatrics. This is followed in private hospitals and private Pediatric clinics.

Table 1: EPI schedules as recommended by Govt. of India

Birth -15 days – BCG + OPV (ZERO DOSE)
6 weeks – OPV1 + DPwT1 + Hep B1 + Hib 1*
10 weeks – OPV2 + DPwT2 + Hep B2+ Hib 2*
14 weeks – OPV3 + DPwT3 + Hep B3+ Hib 2*
9 months Measles Vaccine
15 months-18 months – 1st booster of OPV/ DPwT + MMR*
5 years -6 years – 2nd booster of DPwT
10 years – Tetanus Toxoid
16 years – Tetanus Toxoid




Table 2 recommended by Indian Academy of Pediatrics

Birth – 15 days BCG + OPV (zero dose) +HepB1
6 weeks – 8 weeks IPV1# + DPwT1 + HepB2 + Hib1 + Rotavirus1 + PCV1
10 weeks- 12 weeks IPV2 + DTwP2 + Hib2 + Rotavirus2 + PCV2
14 weeks – 16 weeks IPV3 + DTwP3 + Hib3 + Rotavirus^^ + PCV3
6 months


7 months

HepB3 + OPV1 +influenza vaccine 1st dose.

Influenza vaccine 2nd dose and thereafter one dose every year before the winter season.

9 months (completed) MMR vaccine + OPV2
12 months Hepatitis A1
15 months MMR1 + Varicella* + PCV booster
18 months IPV booster1 + DTwP booster1 + Hib booster1 + Hepatitis A2
2 years Typhoid1 (give repeat shots every 3 years)
5 years OPV5 + DTwP booster2 +MMR^ + Varicella*
10 – 12 years Tdap/Td (Every 10 years then give Td)+ HPV**


DTwP is recommended. DTaP should be given in certain specific conditions only.

#IPV can be replaced with OPV when IPV is not feasible.

**HPV is given only in females (3 doses at 0,1-2 months and 6 months interval) ^^Rotavirus 3rd dose may be required only with one brand. ^MMR 2nd dose can be given at any time 4-8 weeks after the first dose *Varicella 2nd dose can be given anytime 3 months from the first dose PCV= Pneumococcal conjugated vaccine, IPV= Injectable polio vaccine, Tdap = Tetanus toxoid + adult dose of pertussis and diphtheria toxoid, HPV= Human papillomavirus

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