Cough and cough syrups

Easy Baby Care

My child has cough for last 7 days. I have finished the whole bottle of cough medicines but he is still coughing.

This is a common complained by parents.

Before I explain why cough medicine does not work, I think some knowledge about cough is essential.

Cough is our friend. It is due to a reflex action by which mucous from throat and chest is cleared away from wind pipe. The mucous is then directed towards the food pipe from where it goes to the stomach and then goes out via stool. If this reflex was not present then the mucous will go down to the wind pipe and cause chocking and pneumonia. So when a child is coughing we have to find out why the child is coughing and treat the underlying disease and not the cough.

1. The commonest cause of cough is common cold. The child will…

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