colds,coughs and wheezing in a child

Hello Dr,

I’m really happy to find your forum easybabycare and your explanations are quite promising. I’m much relieved and eager to reach out to you.
My son is close to 3 years and he had continuous cough last week which triggered to slight wheeze. Dr suggested to give nebulizer to relieve his cough and congestion momentarily, I did continue to nebulize him for another 3 times the same day which helped him a lot and could sleep better.
Also Dr prescribed a syrup Ascoril LS to him. At night, he asked us to give Relent along with Ascoril LS.
Its been 4 days I’m giving him Ascroil LS. Cough is much better, so I’m just giving only night time dose from 2 days. But I can still hear a kinda noise(very slight) when paid high attention to hear his breathe.Does this seem to be infection or due to bad weather it is affected ?
Is Ascoril LS and Relent both are okay to use? If yes how long is it good to continue?
And does nebulization make the child vomit? as he has been throwing couple of times when he was nebulized.
I’m very particular on his food intake and ensure to have a constant watch on what he is eating. Avoid junk food like cold food, ice creams, chocs.
He loves to eat all fruits and eat unlimited. Many a times as observed more of papaya, banana and Guava led to cough for him. So I prefer to give him papaya in a limited manner. Do you think these fruits are cough inducing?
Is nebulizer addiction in anyway? if once given should we have to keep on continuing usage of it?

Awaiting on your valuable response.

Thanks you!

Dear Apoorva

I am glad that you like easybabycare. It gives me great satisfaction in reaching out to parents through this.

Your question has several issues.
When you use any medicines, it is important that you should know what are the actions and side effects of these medicines. In fact it is the duty of prescribing doctor to do so. However in busy clinics, doctors seldom do so.
Ascoril LS Contains
1.Levosalbutamal, this is beta agonist; this relaxes the muscles lining the air passages, thus helps in relieving the wheezing,( the sound that you hear when child is breathing)
2. Ambroxol and guaifenesin. These 2 medicines loosen the phlegm that is present in air passages and thus it becomes easier for the patient to bring out the phlegm. Remember that no medicine can bring out the phlegm; it is only when we cough that we can bring out the phlegm, so we do not give any medicines to children to suppress the cough. We only give medicines that help in bringing out the phlegm by relaxing the air passages, and loosening the phlegm.
So you can use these medicines as long as your child seems to have phlegm and wheezing. Once child does not have these you can stop it.
Relent contains cetrizine.
This is anti allergy. Although wheezing is due to allergy, but anti allergy medicines do not help. However if child has running nose along with wheezing these may help. Beside that anti allergy medicines cause slight drowsiness, so it is useful to give it to an ill child, if he cannot sleep at night due to cough. So again you can use it as long as your child needs it. Once he is ok you can stop it.
With nebulizer 2 drugs are given, 1. Beta agonist, usually salbutamol 2. Budecort which is a steroid.
Salbutamol helps in relaxing the muscles lining the air passages, while budecort gets rid of the inflammatory materials which block the air passages. Thus by using these it becomes easy to breath. Both of these drugs have side effects when given orally, but not when given via nebulizer.
When a child has difficulty in breathing, one can hear a sound which we call wheezing. In that case giving salbutamol and budecort via nebulizer help. So you have to keep on using nebulizer as long as your child wheezes or has a dry cough. Once he is better you can stop this.
Just because one has given nebulizer, does not mean that child will need nebulizer all the time. It is not addictive. For how long this need to be used depends on child’s condition. Most of the children need intermittently, whenever they have a viral infection. Very few children may need this continuously. Usually those who have a family history of asthma, may need for a longer time.
Fruits or any other food products do not cause cold, coughs or wheezing. These problems are caused by allergens in the air, like dust, especially house dust, pollens, perfumes, fur and dander from dogs and cats. You can get further information in chapter of asthma in my book on child care, at
You can give any fruit to your child. A child should be given 2 fruits a day. If you give more he will take less of other food products and thus will not get a well balanced diet, see the chapter on diet in my book on child care, at
Lastly you mentioned that your child vomits when given nebulizer. He probably gets upset and frightened by the procedure and thus vomits. Try to relax him by talking to him softly and give nebulizer on empty stomach.
If you have any further queries, or if you did not understand some of what have written, please let me know.

34 Responses to “colds,coughs and wheezing in a child”

  1. pills Says:

    Hello colleagues, pleasant article and nice urging commented
    at this place, I am genuinely enjoying by these.

  2. vandana singh Says:

    My baby is 3 months old….she is having cough but not nose congestion….i m giving her ascoril ls. ND azthromycin antibiotics but she is not recovering. What to do…plzzz help…waiting for rpy

    • rajrani Says:

      Dear vandana

      Can you please give me more details about her cough. When did it start, did she have fever when it started, details about the treatment. How often she coughs in a day and how long each episode lasts. Does this desturb her at the cough dry or is it wet.does she wheeze(can you hear whistling sound) I will try to answer your queries as soon as I get your answer

  3. akshara Says:

    sir, My baby is 5 years old . She has been suffering from wet cough since 1 month but not continueosly. Now Iam using Levoline, Azythromycin and relent as per docters suggestion for last 3 days , but it is not works enough . Shall i use ascoril now with these syrups. If it is recomonded how many ml can i use. Otherwise what should i do. My baby is suffering from cough during night time only. Pls give me the remedy. Thanking you sir,

    Yours faithfully parent.

    • rajrani Says:

      Dear akshara

      It is difficult for me to give you exact advice without examining your child.

      Your doctor has given your child azithromycin which is an antibiotic. If cough is due to infection this should help. However antibiotics takes 4 to 5 days to work. Livolin is anti spasmodic and relent is is no point changing to ascoril as this cough syrup also contain same type of medicines. Give cough syrups before sleep and also at middle of night, if your child wakes up from sleep.

      If cough does not get better with above medicines then your doctor will have to do some investigations.
      I hope you have looked up my site can read the book easybabycare, which will give you other information on child care.


  4. Pritesh Says:


    My Son has cough for 2 days..Initially he had fever also 38.5-38.7.. But now it has reduced below 38. We have been giving him Lasolvan ( Ambroxil syrup))…but it has less effect on cough..So wanted to shift to Ascoril. The age of my son is 5.6 yrs weight 20 kgs..So how much dosage should i give..For Fever we had given for 4 dosage of Ibuprofen 5 ml every 8 hours initialy..Hope the dosage is okie for fever…

    • rajrani Says:

      Dear pritesh

      Your child probably had a viral infection.The cough which usually occurs after viral infection can last for quite sometime , for a weak or two. If cough is not troublesome, you need not do anything about it If it is troublesome, then the cough syrup that you use will depend on the type of cough he has. For that you have to contact his pediatrician.

  5. Maheshika Says:

    Hello doctor my 4 months old baby is having cold and wet cough by now. It started 4 days back with sudden prescribed ascoril and astifen.she doesn!t have fever by it ok to give those to my infant three times a day.

    • rajrani Says:

      Your baby probably had viral infection.With viral infection initially there is fever, later on cough. Cough can lasts for 2 to 3 days or more. At times 10 days. If cough is not disturbing your baby too much you do not need to give any medicine however if child has difficulty in sleeping or feeding then you can give these medicines.astifen can make your baby sleepy, so if your baby is sleeping too much do not give it. At times these medicines do not help in that case you need to give medicines via nebulizers.

      Let me know if there are anymore queries.

  6. Ras Says:

    My 8 month old baby has severe dry cough and fever from past 5-6 has prescribed ascoril ls for him.i have started giving him prescribed dose.but he had vomit just after giving medicine.what can be the reason for vomit.i m afraid whether medicine is working in right way or not.please is 8 month old and weight is 8.5 kg.

    • rajrani Says:

      Fever and cough in a baby of this age is usually due to viral infection. Fever lasts for 5 to 6 days but cough can continue for weeks.As there is no treatment for viral infections,so no medicine is required except paracetamol when fever is more than 101f.
      If the cough is mild and not troubling the child very much, again you do not need to give medicine for this. Medicines like ascoril are not good tasting so naturally child will vomit.
      If the cough is very troublesome and associated with weezing, in that case giving medicine via nebulizer is useful.
      Ifcough is moist and one suspects bacterial infection, then you may have to give antibiotics to your child. Amoxylin with clavanic acid works well.

      Do look up the book available at mind find it useful.

  7. zeba parveen Says:

    Hi doctr ,
    My baby is 7months old and I am useing plastic electric cattle for boiling his water.can u tell me is this safe for him..

    • rajrani Says:

      One should not boil any thing in plastic kettle. This is not only good for babies but for every one. In fact one should not use cup or glass for hot liquid and also not use plastic vessels in microwave oven.

  8. Arati Karmakar Says:

    Hello Sir,
    Need advice, please help.

    My daughter is 2 years 10 months old (13.3kg). She is prone to bouts of cough and cold (severe coughing, running nose, watery eyes sometimes with mild fever, which would last for almost two weeks) since the age of 6 months. But, she is suffering from recurrent bouts of wet coughing for almost two months now. She will be fine two days then again one day she will be coughing badly, sometimes more severly while sleeping.

    Have tried pulmoclear, omnicortil, Relent, Macberry, Allegra. Her pediatrician suggested an allergy profile to be done, but that also didn’t reveal anything. She is very active, eats well.
    Last 2-3 days she seemed to be doing well, then again yesterday evening she started coughing with lot of mucus (not sure if that’s phelgm) which went on till night. We tried all home remedies like warm oil massage, steam, huf-puf kit, honey, vicks vapour-up, then finally I gave her ascoril flu, then relent half an hour later, then nasovion (0.025%) nasal drop. The coughing subsided, and she slept peacefully the rest of the night.

    Every time, its the same, we would try everything and we cannot pin-point which one actually worked.

    She loves fruits, but I am scared of giving her fruits now, because I am not sure which one would trigger her cough.
    What to do, Doctor?
    It seems either relent or nasovion works for her, how safe are they? How long can we continue them.

    • rajrani Says:

      Your child probably gets repeated viral infection which all children of this age will get. She may also be allergy to some thing she breaths, like house dust mite or some perfume. At times it is not possible to prevent this
      All the medicines that you are using are safe except can use which ever you think works.
      I cannot understand why have you stopped giving fruits.if you do not give fruits,she will not get vitamin c. The latter is necessary for immunity.

      • Arati Karmakar Says:

        Dear Madam,

        Thank you so much for the reply.
        My child is still coughing, now it seems to be dry and sometimes throughout the day, every 5 min.
        Her doctor has now prescribed budecort (MDI) 2 puffs twice a day and levolin thru nebulizer every 4hrs. Plus Allegra once a day and Montair LC once a day.
        Have started the above since yesterday. Very worried. As I have said earlier, we have already done an allergy profile, should we go for some other tests. Its very distressing to see a child coughing so much. Is it only allergy that is supposed to subside as she grows up, or can it be something else?
        One more thing,isn’t there any medicine which can give instant relief during these severe bouts of coughing ?

        As for fruits, it seems her coughing bout increases and she throws-up after an 1-2hrs of having a fruit. Thats the reason I am scared of giving fruits.

  9. Rathnakar Says:

    Hello sir
    My problem is ,my daughter is suffering with cough,she is 4 years old,.so I have given ascoril ls syrup 5 ml instead of 2.5 ml. So please reply iam getting tense about this.

  10. Anjana Says:

    My 1 year old is not eating solids offered to him eversince he turned 1last month. He is only asking for breast milk. Also for past 2 weeks he has cold n runny nose which is not getting better. I hv given him amoxicillin in d past. How much to give him now as he weighs 8.7kgs only.

  11. sada Says:

    My son is diagnosed with viral fever and some respiratory disorder. His WBC count came down to 3930. rest all factors are in limit. Doctor prescribed Azee dry syrup with Omnacortil. Is it safe to give this combination especially when count is less. He also prescribed Aerodil & Febrx Plus AF with this

    • rajrani Says:

      I am glad to know that you like my website.
      You did not mention the age of your child, I presume that he is a toddler.
      Viral infections can cause low white blood cells, This is temporary. Once the child is better wbc count becomes normal,
      There is no safe antiviral medicine. When one gets a viral infection, our body, including that of a child starts making antibodies which eventually kill the viruses. The whole process takes about 5 to 7 days. During this time we suffer from variety of symptoms, like fever, cough, respiratory distress etc.
      Medications are given to releive these symptoms and make one comfortable.
      Azithromycin, which your doctor has prescribed is an antibiotic. Antibiotic kills bacteria but not viruses, however we sometimes give these in virus infections to prevent bacteria attack the patient. This can happen especially when wbc count is low.
      Omnacortil is a steroid. This should never be even for more than 5 days unless there is a definite need. We give this to children if there is respiratory distress, that is child has wheezing and difficulty in breathing.( You can see the chest moving with each breath.)
      The other two medicines that you mentioned are antihistamine. Both of these have same composition. Use them only if your child is coughing too much and not able to sleep. Use only one of these two as they are same. Actually if your child has respiratory distress you should avoid these.
      You may need paracetamol if child has fever.
      Do let me know if you have any other quries.

  12. Kushal Says:

    Hello Sir,

    My child is suffering with cold and cough, Doctor has given her Ascoril LS (3 times a day, 2.5 ml) and Ambrolite D (2 times a day 3 ml). Both are cough syrup running in same day. Please suggest me whether it is ok or two cough syrup should not run at a time.

    • rajrani Says:

      Dear Kaushal

      Ambrolite d is a medicine which we use if the child has dry cough. That is cough is so severe that child can not sleep.Otherwise it should not be used.
      Ascoril ls has different action. It is used if child has congestion in chest especially if he has wheezing also. It does not have any sedating effect.
      Let me know if you have any other quries.

  13. Jerrica Says:

    Hi Dr,

    I got an almost 2 year old toddler who has a history of pnuemonia previously. This is the first time she had a cough with wheezing after being hospitalized when she was about 6 or 7 months old. First week I gave her carbocisteine and the following week I gave her Ambroxol, during the second medication she started to wheeze and I’m really getting scared cause it sounds loud. I’m a single parent by the way and I’m weary about this as I can only go to a doctor by Monday. But now I’m thinking of giving her cefexime again which was prescribed to her when she had pnuemonia. I hope you can give me a relief.

    • rajrani Says:

      Dear Jerrica
      Your child is getting wheezing. This will be releived by giving salbutamal or livolin by inhalation.if inhalation machine not available, then you can give orally.
      Let me know where you live. I can help you better if I know this.
      Sorry that I did not reply earlier because nowadays I am in a place we where internet signal is erratic.

  14. Nihala Says:

    Can we use cetirizine syrup(2.5ml bid) along with ascoril LS expectorant (5ml sos) for my 2 year old kid.

    • rajrani Says:

      Yes you can use this combination. Cetrizine is an antiallergen, while ascoril ls is expectorant and antispasmodic, so these medicines have different actions.

  15. Mahesh Says:

    Dear Doctor,

    My son has now 2.5 yrs of age and 11kg of weight. He is suffering from cold, cough and wheezing every month from the early age from 3 month. Most of the time he will have infection in lungs. Mostly the cough and cold will stay for 15 days or more. After that he will be ok. Again after 10 days the same thing will happen. We are fed up with giving antibiotics and cough syrup giving every month. Now doctor has informed us that he having astma problem and gave Budecort 100 and Asthalin inhaler. Frankly speaking we are not interested to give inhaler due to addict. My questions is as follows

    1. If we give inhaler continuously, is there any problem to have addict on that

    2. How can we prevent my baby from cold cough wheezing and infection every month.

    3. Kindly advise If there is any alternative solution other than giving inhaler.

    4. Today he is again having cold and cough. Doctor has prescribed sinarest af for cough. Is it safe when he is having astma problem.

    We are expecting a permanent remedy from you for my baby.

    Many thanks time and response.

    • rajrani Says:

      Firstly, inhalers are not addictive. There is no harm in giving these.
      Giving medicines orally for asthma has more side effects than giving inhalers.
      Most children’s at this age suffer repeated cod and coughs and these become less when children are about 5 years of age.
      Once colds and coughs less frequent, the wheezing will also decrease. Then he will not need inhalers.
      It is difficult to prevent colds and cough in children, as they get infection from each other when they play together.
      However you should see that your child gets proper diet, including fruits containing vitamin C like citrus fruits. (Look up chapter on diet in my book easybabycare, ).
      Your child also should get proper sleep.
      As these are viral infections you do not need to give antibiotics with each infection.
      If your child has cold but no wheezing then you can give sinarest, but if there is cough and wheezing you need to give inhalers.
      Let me know if you have any other queries.

  16. Suganthi Says:

    Love the way the question has been answered. Crystal clear. A great contribution to the child community parents. God bless.

  17. Phani Says:

    Very helpful answer

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