Thumb sucking or Pacifier (dummy) or none

Easy Baby Care

Thumb sucking and dummy sucking is a habit a child gets as it gives her comfort. We know now that a baby sucks her thumb while in the womb(seen on ultrasonograph) probably because as this strengthens the sucking muscles, but perhaps she needs some soothing whilst inside the womb also especially if mother is depressed or tensed up.

Q 1. When a baby sucks her thumb does it means she is hungry.
If it is her feeding time and she is sucking her thumb she is probably hungry but after a full meal she is still sucking, it is a comfort sucking. After 6 month of age sucking a thumb is usually a comfort sucking.

Q 2.Does thumb sucking do any harm?
If thumb sucking or pacifier sucking is stopped before 3 to 4 years it is not harmful. If continued beyond that period then there is…

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