breast hypertrophy in new born

Breast hypertrophy (enlargement) is a common condition in babies. I thought of writing about this because of an email which was sent to me by a parent. She expressed the problem about this condition so well that I thought I will reproduce it here.

I want to share one of my experience also, when Azka was born and she was hardly of 15 days, there was a secretion coming out of her breasts, sometimes while rubbing baby cream, i discussed it with my neighbour who says to press it and take out all the secretion during massage. As you know, we always discuss with you before doing anything with Azka, and as per your advise i did not press it and it was fine after some days.”

Breast hypertrophy occurs usually in first week of life, may occur later on also until 2 to 3 weeks of age. Both breasts are usually involved, although one may be bigger than the other. It occurs in boys and as well as girls. If expressed whitish milky fluid ( used to be known as witches milk) comes out but one should never express it as this can cause infection. No treatment is required as it gets better on its own. However if there is redness, pain, and the area is hot and tender then there is a possibility that infection has occurred. In that case one should contact a doctor immediately.

Breast hypertrophy occurs because of the hormones which are passed from mother to the baby through placenta when the baby is in the womb. There is another condition which occurs also due to hormones. At times when a female baby is 3 to 4 days old one may find some blood coming out from vagina. This also subsides in a day or two and no problem occurs due to this. So if your baby has any of these conditions there is no need to worry about it.


Dr Raj Rani Mitra

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