viral infections

Viral infections

When babies fall ill during summer one things that “is it because of heat” and when they fall ill in winter “is it because of cold” during monsoon “is it because of too much sweating.”

The fact remains that these illnesses are due to different viruses. During winter these are influenza viruses, respiratory syncytial virus etc which attack while during summer these are enterovirus, adenovirus and many others which attack. At times babies may fall ill due to bacterial infection also.

Because of these infections baby will have stuffy nose , cough , mild fever, discharge from eyes and watery loose motions. Unfortunately there is no cure for viral infection, but fortunately babies have the ability to fight these virals and get rid of them. However it takes 7 to 10 days before the baby is ok. To make the baby comfortable we have to keep on putting saline drops 7 to 8 times a day so she can breathe easily. At times when secretions are thick we have to clean inside of the nose with a wet tissue. Sucking the nose with an infant mucous extractor also may help. If baby does not sleep at night paracetamol (adol or fevadol or crocin) and\or a mild antiallergy medicine like histop or fenistil will help. If he has diarrhoea then give him plenty of fluids in form of oral rehydrating fluids like pedialyte or babylyte.

Even if the baby is not better or crying too much or has high fever or has wheezing sound in the chest then you will have to take the baby to the doctor.


Dr Rajrani Mitra


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